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Vacations are important to relax, recharge your batteries, see new and interesting places and just plain have fun!

This website has been created to provide you with ideas on where to go, what to see and do, and how to negotiate great inexpensive deals.

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Today there are unlimited choices for vacations. The competition is fierce for your vacation dollar and this means great savings for you.

Take Breathtaking Vacations!

There are countless ways to save money. And…many things are negotiable if you are flexible.

You will learn the best times to travel, how to negotiate for the cheapest prices, and how to prepare properly for incredible vacations all over the world.

Visit Beautiful Places!

Most of the travel channels only talk about the high brow vacation spots that few can afford.

They frequently gloss over all the great deals available for taking inexpensive and fun vacations. This inexpensive vacation ideas website has been created to help fill that gap.

Learn About Fascinating Cultures!

Finding the right place at the right price helps make a vacation fun, entertaining and lowers stress.

Here are just a few things this website provides:

• Save $$$ at Disneyworld with The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide!
• Go to beautiful exotic places without breaking the bank
• Save $$$ on cruises with The Intelligent Cruiser Secrets!
• The best inexpensive vacations in the world
• How to negotiate the best deals
• Inexpensive Weekend Vacations
• Personal stories of adventure
• Packing tips
• Much More!

Not all of the vacation ideas on these pages are inexpensive. Some will cost a fair amount of money. However, some things are worth paying for.
You may not pass this way again!

I hope you enjoy your visit to Inexpensive Vacation Ideas and come back often! This website will continue to grow to provide even more resources for designing a great vacation for you and your loved ones!

Explore Strange New Worlds!

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones that you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor, and catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover!" ~ Mark Twain

Amazing Galapagos Trips
Galapagos Trips are a great way to spend a vacation if you are a nature or animal lover. The Galapagos are an archipelago of volcanic islands that straddle the equator. This cluster consists of fi
Things to do in Hawaii
There are many things to do in Hawaii on vacation. In Oahu you can visit Diamond Head crater, Pearl Harbor and Waikiki Beach. In Maui you can take a Zipline, go whale watching, and scuba diving.
New Zealand Tourist Attractions
There are many great outdoor New Zealand Tourist Attractions. A third of the country is protected by national parks and two thirds is mountainous which makes it a sportsman’s paradise.
Alaska Inside Passage Cruise
An Alaska Inside Passage Cruise is a great way to see the beauty and majesty of this still pristine wilderness. All of the stops have inexpensive vacation ideas.
Places to Visit in Italy
There are many great places to visit in Italy. Some of the key cities and attractions in Italy are: Florence, Rome, Venice, Mt Vesuvius in Napes and the area of Tuscany.
How To Use Inexpensive Vacation Ideas
How to use inexpensive vacation ideas has been created to help you find what you are looking for quickly and effectively on this website.
Ireland Vacation
An Ireland Vacation transports you to country of mountains lakes, flowing green pastures, tasty restaurants and lively pubs.
Puerto Rico Tourism
Puerto Rico Tourism offers beautiful beaches, culture, art history and more. For the outdoors types there is sun bathing, scuba diving, hiking, spelunking, fishing, sailing, kayaking, hiking and rock
An Inexpensive Family Vacation
An inexpensive family vacation can be found in many places. This page provides some inexpensive vacation spots for families to consider.
Things to do in Australia
There are many fun things to do in Australia on vacation. Visit the world famous Opera House in Sydney. Dive on the Great Barrier Reef and see amazing sea life, ship wrecks and more. Travel to Cai
Things to do in California
Here are 10 fun things to do in California on vacation. There are great attractions in Los Angeles, Anaheim, Venice Beach, San Francisco and San Diego. California National Parks have much to offer.
Things to do in Florida
There are many fun things to do in Florida. In Orlando you can visit Disneyworld, Sea World, Universal Orlando and more. Nature lovers can go to the Everglades National Park,
A Central America Vacation
A Central America Vacation can be great fun. When you travel Central America there are several things you can do to make an inexpensive vacation possible.
South America Vacation Ideas
A South America vacation can be fun, adventurous, intriguing and unique. And, you can find many inexpensive vacation ideas along the way.
Things to do in Nassau
There are many fun things to do in Nassau Bahamas on vacation. Included are several inexpensive vacation ideas in Nassau for the astute traveler.
Top 10 Vacation Spots
The following Top 10 Vacation Spots for people from the US were selected by their popularity, beauty, adventure, inexpensive vacation ideas...or a combination.
Istanbul Turkey
Istanbul Turkey
Cheap Europe Vacation
A cheap Europe vacation is a challenge. US currency doesn't stretch a long way in Europe. However, this page provides several inexpensive vacation ideas to help you stretch your vacation dollar.
Cheapest Cruise Prices
The cheapest cruise prices can be found on many of the cruise lines. With the price of a cruise you are able to stretch your vacation dollars significantly—if not dramatically.
Travel Cruise Lines
There are many travel cruise lines to select from for an inexpensive vacation. To choose the right one for your needs there are several factors to be considered.
A Cheap Caribbean Vacation
To get a cheap Caribbean vacation consider traveling during the off season. Off season is from mid-April to mid-December depending on where you are traveling. Although rates vary by hotel, condos a
Barbados Vacations
Barbados vacations have much to offer. Enjoy beautiful beaches, dive amazing wrecks and encounter sea turtles, taste test Mount Gay Rum, and go ZipLining.
Antarctica Cruises
Antarctica Cruises take you to one of the most remote, wild, cold and inhospitable places on the earth. And it isn’t cheap to get there. However the incredible wildlife, untamed landscapes and one
Sports Scuba Diving
Sports Scuba Diving is a blast and there are many fantastic places to dive! The attraction of scuba diving vacations is the exceptional dive equipment, trainers and places to dive that make this sp
Disney Vacation Deals
This section discusses finding Disney Vacation Deals for both Walt Disney World and Disneyland. It provides resources to help make your Disney vacation relatively inexpensive , and maximizing fun!
Sea World Discounts
This section addresses ways of finding the best Sea World Discounts to get the most bang for your vacation buck.
Best US Cities
his web page provides links to some of the Best US cities for vacations. You will find many inexpensive vacation ideas in several of the cities.
Club Med Vacations
Club Med Vacations are all inclusive adventures. I have been on several Club Med holidays and the only obligation you have when you get up in the morning is to have fun!
Best Vacation States
The best vacation states are those that have many fun things to do. This web-page provides fun things to see and do as well as cheap vacation ideas.
Things to do in Japan
There are many fun things to do in Japan. This web page also has inexpensive vacation ideas for a Japan vacation.
Things to do in Spain
Here are some fun things to do in Spain on Vacation. This web page also has inexpensive vacation ideas for a Spain vacation.
United States National Parks
Visiting the United States National Parks is a great way to take an inexpensive vacation and see the great outdoors.
National Parks Camping
Using national parks camping sites is a great inexpensive vacation idea. You can experience the beauty of the American wilderness on without breaking the bank.
Africa Vacation Packages
Africa vacation packages will take you to a continent that is amazingly wild, stunningly beautiful and primitive in many parts.
China Vacations
China Vacations are a great deal of fun. You can explore historical, fascinating and colorful cities in both China and Tibet. It is a challenge to get good deals; however there are always inexpens
Russia Tourism
Russia tourism has much to offer. The two primary cities of interest are Moscow and St Petersburg. Both are rich in history, culture and people.
Travel Tips
These simple travel tips are provided to help you prepare for a great inexpensive vacation. A little preparation goes a long way to ensure you are for your great adventure.
Book Travel Online
There are many compelling reasons to book travel online for your inexpensive vacation.
Travel Supplies
The right travel supplies are an important part of preparing for great vacations. The right supplies will help you organize and provide you with many of the necessities for your travels.
Travel Packing Lists
Travel packing lists are great for helping you get organized for your vacation. There is always limited luggage space. Proper planning will help you maximize this space.
Free Online Currency Converter
This free online currency converter has been provided to help you determine costs when you are traveling to different countries.
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