3 Day Cruise

A 3 day cruise is great if your time is limited, your budget is limited, you want to try cruising out, or a combination.

Let’s explore further.

1. Your time is limited. - Work or personal life won’t allow you to take a longer vacation.

A weekend away from the office to a fun location can be just what the doctor ordered.

2. Your budget is limited - You may not be able to afford a longer vacation.

You will find many of these inexpensive vacation cruises starting at less than $80/night.

Princess Cruise Ship

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3. This is your first time Cruising - A three day cruise is a good way to find out if you enjoy taking cruises.

If you do, you can choose a week or longer package in the future.

4. A combination - You may have more than one reason to take a short cruise.

How do You find good three Day Cruises?
Depending on where you live, there are many choices.

A great source to start your search is www.travelocity.com. They will walk you though the process of finding a good three day cruise.

Go to their menu and click on Cruises. Look for a city you would like to leave out of and see what is available for a three day cruise.

If you aren’t comfortable booking your vacation you can get a good travel agent to help walk you through the process.

It may cost a bit extra, but an agent can earn his or her fee by guiding you to the right vacation for yourself.

Saving $$$ on Cruises
To save money on your cruise consider getting an insiders guide to cruising.

These guides can save you 10-30% on many cruise vacation costs. The one I like is:

The Intelligent Cruiser Secrets

An Ex-cruise ship officer reveals confidential secrets to get huge savings on cruises, land excursions and more.

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