4 Day Caribbean Cruises

There are many fun 4 Day Caribbean Cruises.

Four day cruises are great if you are short of time, money or haven’t taken a cruise before.

You will find many of these inexpensive vacation cruises starting at less than $80/night.

Let’s explore further. The reasons vary for taking a four day cruise.

1. Your time is limited. - Work or personal life won’t allow you to take a longer vacation.

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2. Your budget is limited - You may not be able to afford a longer vacation.

3. This is your first time Cruising - You may be concerned that you won’t enjoy the restrictiveness of being confined on a ship (even with shore leaves). A four day cruise is a good way to put your toe in the water and see if you enjoy taking cruises. If you enjoy yourself, and want to cruise again, you can choose a week or longer package the next time.

4. A combination - There may be more than one of the reasons noted above that encourage you to take a four day cruise.

Cruise Ship St Maarten

Cruise Ships in St Maarten

How do I find good 4 Day Cruises?

First, plan out what you want to see and do on your vacation.
See Cheap Caribbean Vacation Packages for some ideas.

Next, there are several reputable places to get cheap Caribbean Vacation packages. You can use an excellent source like www.travelocity.com.

Third, if you aren’t comfortable booking your vacation you can get a good travel agent to help walk you through the process.

Saving $$ on Cruises
To save money on your cruise consider getting an insiders guide to cruising. These guides can save you 10-30% on many vacation costs. The one I like is:

The Intelligent Cruiser Secrets
An Ex-cruise ship officer reveals confidential secrets to get huge savings on cruises, land excursions and more.

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