An Incredible Amazon Vacation

An Amazon vacation is like no other. Vacationing in the Amazon is a unique and fascinating experience.

It is incredibly wild, primitive and beautiful.

I have been to the Peruvian Amazon and the memories still linger.

The Amazon is the largest river in the world. It accounts for about 1/5th of the worlds total river flow.

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Amazon Jungle

The Amazon Jungle


We paid significantly less by doing our homework and finding an establishment that wasn’t too expensive, but highly professional.

• Get a tour company with a great reputation. You are truly in the jungle and bad things can happen if you are not working with highly trained professional guides!

See: Book Travel Online.

• Make your plans early so you can lock in great rates.

• Check with your agent (or on the web) to find out when the best time to travel is.

• Consider traveling at the end of the season where the weather is good and the rates relatively low.

• Purchase your plane tickets early to lock in good rates.

I can’t say our Amazon vacation was one of the most comfortable vacations I have ever taken, but it was one of the most incredible ones. The trees and plants were large and healthy, the birds amazing, the butterfly colors stunning, the river primitive and the experience primal.

Vacationing in the Jungle – Amazon Vacation
There river people are kind and gentle, the tributaries and the jungle is beaming with like and it is about as close to walking into a Tarzan movie as one can get.

Amazon River Boy

Our Amazon Home- Amazon Vacation

We stayed in grass huts that were constructed above the flowing river. It reminded me of the type of huts I saw in the early Tarzan movies. The people make these huts as well as their boats and much of what they need. They truly are back to nature here.

Amazon Rainforest Building a Boat

Building a Boat

We came at the end of the rainy season and even then there were showers every day. Because we were relatively close to the equator the days were close to 12 hours long.

The sun came up around 6 am and set around 6 pm. What was interesting is that the sun rose and set in only about 15 minutes. It was strange to be in the dark and 15 minutes later to be in total daylight, and vice versa.

Jungle Life - Amazon Vacation
Life is everywhere, and it is wild. Everything bites, stings, stabs, jabs or pokes. There were ants, spiders and all sorts of insects everywhere. This is not a place for the faint of heart. This probably isn’t surprising since it is a jungle!

You had to watch everywhere you stepped and everywhere you touched. One evening a friend of mine grabbed the water spigot from a container of water without looking. His scream was heard across the complex as he accidentally grabbed a tarantula who was minding its own business getting a drink for itself from the spigot!

There are three ecosystems in the jungle. There is an ecosystem in the river, one in the jungle and one in the canopy of the trees.

There are over 1500 bird species in the Amazon basin. We saw an incredible number of beautiful colored birds such as parrots, Macaws, Toucans and more. I am not usually a bird watcher, but these creatures were exquisite!

During our trips on the rivers we saw amazing butterflies. I remember one type that was an almost florescent turquoise blue. It was one of the most incredibly beautiful and colorful creatures I have seen in all of my travels.

One day we climbed up to the canopy (on a rope system constructed by our guides) and got to see the diverse flowers, animals and birds which make this part of the jungle their home.

The canopy has the benefit of more sunlight than the floor of the jungle. This encourages different plant, insect and animal life to evolve there.

Amazon River Transporting Food

Transporting Food-Amazon Vacation

The River - Amazon Vacation
The river was full of fish, snakes and other creatures. One day we were able to fish for Paraná and found the experience to be fun but a little strange. You have to be extra careful taking the hook out of their mouth without getting cut from there ugly razor sharp teeth.

Also, during our fishing expedition we heard howling monkeys. If you have ever heard these creatures howl, it is quite unsettling.

Their scream will send a shiver down to the base of your spine. After hearing this sound a friend mentioned that if you crashed a plane in this area, dying might not be the worst that could happen to you!

As the rivers rose ants would crawl into the trees and as our boat would go beneath the trees we would be careful not to disturb the newly formed ant nests. Tarantulas were common in the trees and everywhere else.

In the evenings we would go into the jungle and view the nightlife. We had flashlights and when you would point them at the trees or the surface of the water you would constantly see a pair of shiny objects (which were eyes) peering back at us!

In the trees it was the birds, in the water it was the young Cayman (similar to a Crocodile).

On one outing we went to a fresh water lake where there were Amazon Pink Dolphins. These are friendly, sensitive mammals. We were only able to see these beautiful creatures from a distance but yes, they really were pink!

Amazon River Local Hangout

Amazon River Hangout-Amazon Vacation

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