American Cruise Lines

American Cruise Lines is unique because it puts an emphasis on rich American history and culture.

Based out of Connecticut they specialize in small ship cruising along the inland waterways and rivers of the United States.

American has 12 itineraries including such destinations as the Maine Coast and Harbors, New England Islands, Chesapeake Bay, the Pacific Northwest and the Historic South. Other destinations include the Great Western Rivers, the Hudson River and Philadelphia.

The ships are small which creates an intimate atmosphere. You will be traveling with less than 120 passengers. This provides a more personal experience on this cruise line than many others.

On board you will experience unique entertainment. The activities are designed to highlight the areas that are visited. There are guest lectures, local musicians, demonstrations, games and miner theatrical performances.

There are open decks and glasses-in observation lounges for watching passing wildlife and scenery.

Examples thrilling adventures include: costumed antebellum characters in the historic south, visiting a local lobster man in Maine, and a performance by a fife and drum corps in Chesapeake Bay.

There is a well stocked library with great reading material and videos of the areas you will visit. It is fun to research an area before visiting it. Then when you arrive the location and people will come alive and you will enjoy it much more.

If you are looking for glitz and glamor like other cruise ships this is not the place. However, this cruise fits the bill if you are looking for a relaxing and educational cruise with an intimate and fun environment. You will enjoy quiet relaxation and a refreshingly casual atmosphere.

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