Ancient Egypt Pyramids Vacation

An Ancient Egypt Pyramids Vacation is fun.

The three pyramids you will see are: Cheops, Kefren and Mykerinos. Close by is the Sphinx.

Seeing these monuments for the first time from a distance is impressive. However, the closer you get, the more incredible they become.

They are truly one of the wonders of the ancient world, and they will take your breath away.

One is baffled by the thousands of hours of sweat and labor that must have gone into creating the monoliths on the backs of slaves.

Ancient Egypt Pyramids

Ancient Egyptian Pyramids

The stones to make these are huge and the words "backbreaking work" fit appropriately.

There are some downsides to seeing these masterpieces of human architecture, however the upside outweighs them.

The ancient Egypt pyramids are an incredibly busy with tour buses (with people on vacation) showing up every few minutes. When I first arrived (in a tour bus) I personally found this distracting and seemingly over commercialized.

Next, it is common to have a fair amount of pollution in the air causing smog to hang around. This makes picture taking tough. The best pictures of the pyramids and Sphinx are probably taken right after the rare rains (this is a desert) that clean the smog for a short while.

The third down side is especially bad. The hucksters around the pyramids are the worst I have seen in any place I have been. They are rude, obnoxious and not genuine and dishonest.

For example, as soon as you take your camera out, one of these individuals will come over and start harassing you when you are trying to take pictures.

When I was there one of these people physically tried to take my camera out of my hand in the guise to take a picture. I didn’t give mine up, but I understand they will try to charge you a great deal of money to get it back.

Ancient Egypt Pyramids Camel

Base of the Pyramids

In other incidents one of these hucksters will complement your, and then shove something into your hand or arm pressed up against your side and say it is free.

But it is never free. If you try to give it back they take that it is an insult. Many people then give them money.

I lost some money (and I am not fooled easily) by one of their shenanigans of feigning needing to change money after giving me some so called “free” gifts (and after I had given him more that what was fair for his wares). I chalked the experience up to learning a lesson.

It is important to note that these people around the pyramids are no reflection on the many fine people of Egypt. I found all other Egyptians that I came in contact with very cordial and congenial.

Ancient Egypt Pyramid and Spinx

Spinx and Great Pyramid

Having said all this about the problems makes it sound like the experience was a bad one. Actually, seeing the ancient Egypt pyramids and the Sphinx on vacation is truly a five goose bump experience and worth the time.

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