Barbados Island

Barbados Island is located in the Far East Caribbean.

It is well known for its beautiful beaches and crystal clear blue water, diving in shimmering blue water and unwinding from tough city life.

Barbados stands alone and proud as the last of the Caribbean islands. The next stop to the east is Africa!

It size is sometimes compared to a pear with an approximate size of 14 – 21 miles. The coastline is about 60 miles.

Most of the Caribbean Islands were volcanically formed. Not Barbados.

Barbados Sunset

Barbados Sunset

The island was geologically formed from coral limestone. It was created when two tectonic plates pushed the island out of the ocean. Harrison Caves - Barbados Island
This is the most popular tourist attraction on the island. The caves are vibrantly alive with many crystal clear waterfalls, streams, ponds, magnificent stalactites and stalagmites and other fascinating limestone structures.

The above ground visitors centre complex created for the Harrison Caves is a work of art. It was designed to fit in with the natural limestone bedrock. A trek down the winding road to the center is serene and relaxing.

Harrison Caves Outdoors

Path to Harrison Caves

Before entering the caves you will learn about the formation of the Barbados as a limestone island and how Harrison Caves were formed. Barbados is unique because it was formed from coral limestone. Most Caribbean islands are volcanically formed.

The caves are open every day of the week with tours starting at 9:00 am and the last tour at 4:00pm.

Harrison Caves

Harrison Caves

Banks Beer Tour - Barbados Island
Banks beer is available in Barbados and in many other Caribbean Countries. You can get a tour on how the manufacturing process of Banks Beer.

Their flagship brand is a taste treat for people who like trying different types of beer. We enjoyed several of them on our trip to Barbados in late 2011.

Banks Beer

Banks Beer Factory

Money in Barbados
The local Barbados currency was worth about half as much as the US dollar when we were there in the fall of 2011. And…the prices were frequently about two times as expensive as in the US (especially for food).

It was not uncommon to see a bill for a dinner to be $35 -$50 (or more) Barbados dollars (~ $18- $25) for a meal that would frequently cost $9-$13 in the US (many cities).

Some people save money on meals by purchasing food from local stores and eat some of their meals in the hotel room. Many of these rooms have refrigerators and microwaves for your convenience. Check on the place you will be staying

Having said that, the food is generally good and vacations are a time to splurge. While in Barbados we had some great local cuisine including tasty seafood, pizza and more.

Most places accept US dollars. Although the larger tourist attractions accept credit cards, many of the smaller places do not. Thus, it makes sure you have adequate dollars to purchase everyday items while in Barbados.

You can get Barbados cash for your vacation from the local banks. When you leave the country, you will be able to get US dollars for your Barbados dollars, but the coins you have will be worthless (unless you want them for souvenirs). Thus make sure you don’t have much loose change at the end of your vacation.

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