Barbados Vacations

Barbados vacations have a lot to offer.

Enjoy beautiful beaches, dive amazing wrecks and see lively turtles, taste test Mount Gay Rum, and go zip-lining.

To relax you can read a book under a swaying beach palm tree on the beach and enjoy the soft warm ocean breeze. In the evening watch the spectacular star-burst of yellow, orange and red sunsets.

I was in Barbados in the fall of 2011 on a dive trip with the Dive Shop from Tucson AZ and we all had a wonderful time. We all had a great time and a relaxing vacation on this island paradise. The sites are stimulating and the people are friendly.

Barbados Sunset Orange

An Amazing Barbados Sunset

Barbados Vacation Beaches
The beaches in Barbados are some of the most beautiful in the world. Lying in a lawn chair reading a book and enjoying the warm sea breeze with crystal blue water lapping on the beach is relaxing and great for recharging ones batteries.

In the evenings the explosion of colors as the sun sets is one of nature’s finest fireworks shows. It delights and thrills all who experience it. The brilliant oranges, reds and yellows are breathtaking and create a memory of a lifetime.

Dive Trip

Prepping for a day of Diving

Barbados Vacations Diving:
The diving in Barbados is amazing. There are many Barbados sea turtles, shipwrecks, colorful coral and deep blue water. There are also exciting drift dives to experience.

Some of the dive spots I would recommend are:

Carlisle Bay – You are able to visit 5 different ship wrecks at once! A couple are minimal wreckage, but a few are amazing. You can penetrate the ships and explore the interior of these wonderful man made reefs.

Diving Wreck

In an ship wreck air pocket!

Pieces of 8 and ForksOn these two dives you can experience the fun of drift diving. Let the current carry you along as you enjoy the underwater amusement park of sea life and coral.

The Boot/Turtles Point This is a wonderful dive to view many Barbados sea turtles. On our dive we saw a number of these beautiful creatures swimming. Pictures and videos were constantly being used to capture a glimpse of these amazing creatures.

Barbados Turtle

Filming a Barbados Turtle

SS Stavronikica This was a Greek freighter that caught file in the early 1970s. I was eventually stripped and sunk near Barbados in 1978. There is a great deal of soft and hard corals, sea life, sponges. Some of the common visitors (besides divers) are sea turtles, Sargent Majors and more. The maximum depth of the wreck (at the propeller) is 130 feet.

Stavronikica Wreck Diving

Stavronikica Wreck Diving

The Stavronikica is an intermediate to advanced dive if you are going to the bottom. On my second dive on the wreck I was amused when watching a sea turtle feed off of the soft coral on the wreck at about 95 feet. Afterwards I made a quick trip to the huge propeller at the stern.

Barbados Vacations Zip lining
Zip lining is a blast in Barbados. The company that does it is called Aerial Trek.

On a trip to Barbados we went on the tour. The people were professional, friendly and concerned about the safety of the patrons. Zip lining has become very safe and is a great thrill.

Before starting the tour the team briefs the guests on safety tips and how to operate the Zip Line equipment. Then you get into a harness before a short walk to the first Zip Line. You wear a helmet for added safety.

I was the first off in our group during our zip lining. It was interesting to look down 60-75 feet to the forest below before jumping off the abyss. What an adrenaline rush!

Aerial Trek has 7 zip lines that you fly through the air with the greatest of ease. The forest below is a lush green and the wind that blows through your hair is exhilarating.

Barbados Zip Lining

Zip Lining

Mount Gay Rum Distillery - Barbados Vacations
Barbados is the birthplace of rum! For 400 years Barbados has been producing some of the best rum in the world. On the 17th century sugar plantations the slaves discovered that molasses ferments into alcohol and when distilled becomes rum.

The Mount Gay Rum Distillery was started in 1703. This is the number one rum distillery in Barbados. The rum is sold in 66 countries around the world and has an excellent reputation.

This is a wonderful excursion that shouldn’t be missed. The factory treats their employees well and the employees ere are upbeat and friendly.

The tour takes less than an hour and you learn a great deal about the history of Rum in Barbados. There is a short movie and then a tour through the facility explaining about the birth of the company, the people, factory and the different types of Rum available.

At the end of the tour different grades of rum samples are provided. You can have as much as you like! The taste is smooth and is a real pleasure for the pallet.

Mount Gay Rum

Filming a Barbados Turtle

George Washington's House
George Washington spent a couple of months in Barbados as a young man in 1751 in a plantation residence known as the Bush Hill House.

Washington went there with his ailing half brother Lawrence who was suffering from tuberculosis. They hoped the tropical climate and great doctors would improve Lawrence’s health.

It was the only trip Washington ever took outside the United States. The George Washington House was opened on January 13, 2007.

Barbados was a turning point in young George’s life for two significant reasons.

George Washington House

George Washington House

• Washington’s had encounters with the British military establishment in Barbados that seems to have had a crucial impact on his future aspirations.

• While in Barbados George Washington contracted small pox which left his face slightly scarred. However it immunized him against future exposures to the terrible disease that could have taken his life during the Revolutionary War.

George Washington Bed

George Washington Slept Here!

Washington Hanging Out

Hanging Out With George

Barbados Vacations are fun, relaxing and a great way to recharge your batteries. Highly recommended!

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