Best Cruise Ship

The best cruise ship is subjective.

It depends on what you are looking for from your cruise ship.

There are 4,000 cruises to choose from with more than 16 million passengers a year worldwide doing cruises.

Saying that there is one best ship makes no sense. A better question to ask is: What is the best cruise ship for you?

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Cruise Ship Docked in Turkey

Cruise Ship Docked in Turkey

A better question to ask yourself is: What is the best ship for me?

There are large, medium and small ships. The largest carries up to 6,000 passengers, the smallest ships carry hundreds or less. Each of the cruise lines has its expertise.

For example, Carnival Cruise lines cater to the party crowd, Costa Cruise lines has a European flair and is multicultural.

Royal Caribbean International is good for Caribbean cruises and Holland American Line appeals to seniors. There are other cruise lines as well.

To determine which cruise ship is right for you first ask:

• Where do you want to go?
• What do you want to see?
• What kind of cruise experience do you want (Party, luxury etc.)?
• How much are you willing to spend?
• How long do you want to be on the cruise?
• What kind of food do you want?
• What kind of activities do you want?
• What shore excursions would you like?
• What kind of entertainment do you want?

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