Best Travel Luggage

Buying the best travel luggage for your inexpensive vacation is important.

Four words apply best:

“Buy once, buy right!”

It pays to invest a little extra money on your travel luggage.

This will save you money in the long run and will serve you well on your vacations for many years.

There are some key characteristics when shopping for the best travel luggage to be concerned with.

European Travel Luggage

This is why you need rugged luggage!

They are:

Ruggedness- The following picture clearly shows why luggage needs to be rugged. IT was taken beside our cruise ship right before we left port.

You want your luggage to be tough in case you end up on the bottom of the pile!

There are two primary types of luggage to choose from.

Hard Luggage
This luggage is on the way out. It is inflexible and non-conforming. Consequently it is not very good for carry on luggage. In a time when flexibility is needed this isn’t the way to go. Enough said.

Material Luggage
There are many high quality material selections of light study and flexible material luggage. When you are shopping pay attention to the following areas:

• Make sure the stitching is first class.
• Make sure the wheels are sturdy and are close to flush with the luggage. The flush wheels will allow easy storage in overhead airplane bins.
• The zippers need to be extremely rugged for all the abuse they are put through. A stuck zipper (when you need to get something out of the luggage) in the middle of a busy airport is no fun at all.

Volume, ease of use and portability
The name of the game today is ease of use and portability. There are a couple of easy ways to accomplish this with adequate space for all your essential items.

Large Luggage
The best size for your large luggage is big enough (but not too big) to fit in the overhead bins. That way you will have maximum volume pack your things in.

A great feature to look for in this size of luggage is an extension area. A zipper is used to open up an area (think of it like opening a one section accordion) which increases the thickness of the luggage by approximately 2-3 inches.

This increases the volume by 15-20 percent! When this extension is used the luggage must now be checked since it will be too thick to fit in the overhead bin.

For some trips you can use this piece of luggage as a carry on. Other trips (when your luggage is packed full) you can use this as a checked piece.

In this way the luggage actually is like having two different sizes of luggage all rolled into one!

Best Travel Luggage

Expandable Travel Luggage

Medium Size Luggage
A good second piece of luggage is around the size of a large gym bag. It is best to buy this piece with your larger luggage. Many pieces of luggage fit together nicely and make getting through busy airports much easier.

Pay attention to the ease of how your two pieces of luggage fits together. Luggage companies have had decades to make your job easier. If you find luggage that has some good features but is clumsy to work with, move on and find something else. There are plenty of great options out there. Why settle for mediocre when you can have the best—at a reasonable price.

Best travel luggage compartments
Look for luggage with several compartments. This allows you a great deal of flexibility when packing to separate various items.

Best travel luggage accessories
Consider accessories when you are shopping for luggage. Determine what works best. These might include a universal electrical converter that will work in most electrical outlets in the world, rugged luggage tags, a flexible hamper for your dirty clothes and more.

Note: Be careful of buying accessories you will probably never use on your vacation—even if it does seem like a great deal.

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