The Best Vacation States

The best vacation states are those that have many fun things to do.

This web-page provides fun things to see and do as well as cheap vacation ideas.

It explores Florida, Hawaii, California, Colorado, Texas, Massachusetts, Georgia, Arizona and more.

Cheap Vacation Ideas for the Best Vacation States

• Research to find the low travel season or the “shoulder season” (between the high and low season).

• Research the best hotel and airline rates on line.
See: Book Travel Online.

Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park

• Purchase a good Guide Book to the state you are visiting. Look for one with detailed maps, things to do, insider tips, great restaurants, hotels, shopping, nightlife and more.

The few dollars you spend will be returned many times over. Whenever I travel to a new place I make sure and get one or two. Consider Frommer’s guide. There are other good guides as well.

• Book early to get the best rates.

Florida is one of the best states for vacations in the US. In Orlando you can visit Disneyworld, Sea World, Universal Orlando and more. If you are fascinated by space travel, visit Cape Canaveral.

Nature lovers can go to the Everglades National Park, Forever Florida wildlife conservation area and more. Water lovers enjoy swimming, diving, boating and kayaking.

Hawaii has breathtaking scenery, live volcanoes and fun water sports. You can visit Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, the famous Waikiki Beach, and Pearl Harbor. There is bicycling, hiking, wale-watching, bird watching swimming and diving. There are eight major islands, several atolls and many small islands.

Maui Hawaii

Maui Hawaii

California has many great tourist attractions in Los Angeles, San Diego, the National Parks and Napa Valley. You can go Whale Watching, fishing and boating in Southern California.

San Diego Harbor

San Diego Harbor

Colorado has many fun things to do in Colorado. With an annual average of 300 sunshine days a year this truly is an outdoor paradise.

You can go skiing, snowboarding, hiking, biking, rock climbing, whitewater rafting, fishing and more. You can also enjoy museums, historical sites and National Parks.

Denver Skyline from City Park

The Denver Skyline from City Park

More...Best Vacation States

Texas (the Lone Star State) has many fun things to do. In San Antonio you can visit the Alamo, walk the river walk, visit natural bridge caverns and more. In Dallas you can visit Dealey where Lee Harvey Oswald shot John Kennedy, the Dallas World Aquarium, try Texas Barbecue and more.

Dallas Skyline

The Dallas Skyline

Massachusetts has many fun, historical and educational activities to offer. In Boston you can walk the red brick line of the Freedom Trail, go whale watching, or see the New England Aquarium. In Salem you can see where the witch trials were held. In Plymouth Massachusetts you can see where the Pilgrims landed. There is also Nantucket Cape Cod to explore.

Boston Harbor

The Boston Harbor

Georgia has many fun things to do. In Atlanta you can see the world’s largest Aquarium, Underground Atlanta and more. At Stone Mountain Park you can go on a Sky Hike and see the Antebellum Plantation. At the Kennesaw Mountain National Park you can see one of the major battlefields of the Civil War.

Atlanta Skyline at Dusk

Atlanta at Dusk

Arizona has a lot of fun things to do, especially if you like the natural beauty of the desert. You can see stunning panoramas in Glen Canyon, the famous Saguaros National Park, the ruins in Wupatki National Monument and more.

Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park - Arizona - Best Vacation States

Maine has many fun outdoor activities like kayaking, fishing, golfing, and windjammer cruises. See the rugged coastal beauty on a cruise. Go whale watching. Enjoy delicious Maine Lobster.

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