A Billabong Sanctuary Vacation

A Billabong Sanctuary Vacation is a great place to interact with Australian wildlife.

It is located near Townsville Australia.

You will lean about and even get a chance to hold a koala, baby crocodile, a python, and/or a wombat. There are informative and interesting talks and shows running continuously throughout the day. They teach about the varied Australian wildlife.

Holding a koala is a big thrill. They eat eucalyptus leaves which have an intoxicating effect on the creatures and they are extremely laid back.

Crocodile at the Billabong Sancturay

Crocodile Show
One of the most popular is saltwater-crocodile feeding. Watching a crocodile come strait out the water 4-5 feet is very exciting.

I have been to many zoos over the years. This one is a definite favorite. The interaction with the different animals makes it an incredible outing.

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