Bonaire Scuba Diving

Bonaire scuba diving has some of the best shore diving in the world.

Thousands of divers take their dive vacations here because of its beautiful marine park that has sunken ships, reefs to delight and a wide array of exotic sea life.

Bonaire is located 30 miles from Curacao; 50 miles north of Venezuela.

Zoom in on the area called the Netherlands Antilles on the map below to see Bonaire.

Note: To find inexpensive vacation ideas for dive vacations see: Sports Scuba Diving.

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The reefs and fish are beautiful with explosions of color to excite and amaze. Bonaire protects their marine park so that many divers can enjoy its treasures.

Since many of reefs reach close to shallow water the colors are still vibrant (at depth the human eye can’t see some of the colors).

This adds to the beauty and excitement of the experience. One word of caution: be careful of the fire coral near the shore—it will burn—speaking from personal experience!

Bonaire Woman Diver

Diver taking pictures

The local people are friendly and helpful. They will tell you the best places for diving, advise you on safety tips and overall add to the enjoyment of your trip.

Bonaire Reef

Bonaire Reef

Renting a car and driving to the different dive spots is a real treat for divers who are use to long boat rides to great dive locations. The island is relatively small, so driving to a new dive location, grabbing your gear out of a jeep and heading down to the beach to dive is just plain fun.

We were able to dive 19 wonderful dives in 8 days on a vacation I took with a friend. You can do more or less depending on what your dive preferences are.

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