A Buenos Aires Vacation

A Buenos Aires Vacation is fun! There are many fascinating things to do.

And the really good news is that the dollar is extremely strong.

Consequently you can create a fantastic inexpensive vacation.

On your Buenos Aires Argentina vacation you can see an Argentine Tango show, try their famous beef, visit a Sunday flea market in San Telmo and more.

Note: To learn about inexpensive vacation ideas for South America
see: South America Vacation.

San Telmo Buenos Aires1

San Telmo - Street Band

Public transportation is pretty efficient. Since the dollar is strong taxi cab rides are quite reasonable. For these reasons tourism is strong in Buenos Aires.

Public transportation is very efficient. With a strong dollar taxi cab rides are quite reasonable. For these reasons tourism is strong in Buenos Aires.

Hotels can be reasonable (however some are over prices so beware!). There are some excellent deals if you are willing to stay at one of the many homes people convert to apartments.

I have been to Buenos Aires vacation twice and stayed at a converted house both times. They are spacious and the owners are eager to please. Many have dance floors for guests who enjoy Argentine Tango.

A word of caution!
Make sure you stay in one of the safe districts. Either find out the good districts from someone who has been before or do some solid research. There are some seedy areas to the city that you should stay away from.

Argentine Tango
People who love Argentine Tango make the trek to Buenos Aires (which is considered the birth place of Tango—and the epicenter). If you don’t dance Tango you might consider a few lessons, or just go to a show or two.

People take their tango seriously. Many of the performers have danced tango 10-20 years or more. Their expertise, sensuality and skill are nothing less than amazing to watch. There are a wide array of tango halls and venues to choose from.

Argentine Tango Dancing San Telmo

Argentine Tango Dancers - Buenos Aires Vacation

Dining out is not only extremely enjoyable, it is extremely inexpensive. The beef needs to be tried and going to a dinner with a tango show is a real treat. For example, on one outing (with six people) we had dinner, a few bottles of wine and a great tango show. It was all for less that $120 including the tip!

San Telmo
The San Telmo neighborhood is a must see place—especially the Antiques fair. San Telmo is one of the oldest districts in Buenos Aires. There are a wide array of antique stores, tango halls and more.

Capital of Argentina

San Telmo - Buenos Aires

San Telmo Buenos Aires

San Telmo - Street Vendor

The San Telmo Antiques fair is held every Sunday. It is an exciting, vibrant and colorful experience. As street vendors sell their wares singers and dancers move among the crowd to tango music. This delights the crowds of locals and people on vacation.

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