Cape Canaveral Florida Vacation

A Cape Canaveral Florida vacation is great fun.

Cape Canaveral is part of the region known as the Space Coast.

It is located a few miles away from the Kennedy Space Center (the Cape).

Visiting the cape on vacation is a real thrill!

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Mercury Redstone Rocket

Mercury Redstone Rocket

The Cape is where man first left the shackles of the earth on journeys to space and the moon. It was chosen for rocket launches for two significant reasons:

• To take advantage of the earth’s rotation. The linier velocity of the earth is greatest at the equator. Cape Canaveral takes advantage of this fact by launching eastward---the same direction as the earths rotation.

• The downward range needs to be sparsely populated in case of accidents. Launching over the ocean is perfect for this.

A Rich History

The Kennedy Space Center outside of Cape Canaveral Florida has a rich history that is fascinating to learn about..

John Kennedy’s speech on May 25th 1961 set the stage for a great adventure. Kennedy said that the United States should set as a goal the "landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth by the end of the decade.”

Kennedy’s speech galvanized 400,000 workers and a nation on one of the most amazing accomplishments of mankind.

There were three programs to accomplish this feat:

The Mercury Program - To see if man could survive in space.

The Gemini Program - To see if man could live and work in space.

The Apollo Program – This program put 12 men on the moon) and brought them safely home.

Project Mercury Memorial

Project Mercury Memorial

Since then the exploration programs including men and women have been Skylab and the Space Shuttle. There have been many fascinating unmanned flights to learn about as well.

On your vacation you will learn a great deal about the US space program and experience a time in our history when we looked up to the stars and believed anything was possible.

Apollo 14 Command Module

Apollo 14 Command Module

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