Caribbean Best Beaches

Caribbean best beaches can be found in many different places.

Barbados will definitely be near the top of that list. There is 60 miles of coastline. The white sandy beaches seem almost endless.

The beaches of Barbados on the islands west coast “Gold Coast” (Caribbean side) are much better than the ones on the Atlantic side.

The Atlantic side beaches are surf-pounded and dangerous for swimmers.

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All Barbados beaches are open to the public, even the ones in front of the big resort hotels and private homes. Here are a handful of the top beaches.

Barbados Divers

Barbados divers heading out for the day

Gold Coast Beaches

Payne’s bay - This is a good beach for water sports, especially snorkeling. The beach can get crowed, but the beauty of the bay makes it worth while.

Church Point - This is one of the most scenic beaches in Barbados, and excellent for swimming. However, it can get crowded.

Mullins Beach - This is a great place for snorkeling. There are some shady areas to get out of the sun.

South Coast Beaches

Carlisle Bay Beach - This beach is popular with the locals for its snorkeling.

Sandy Beach - This beach has tranquil waters opening into a lagoon. Windsurfers like the trade winds that sweep across the area. It can get noisy on the weekends.

The Southeast Coast

Crane Beach - This white beach backed by cliffs and palms appears in many travel magazines on Barbados. The southeast coast has big waves that are good for body surfing. But be careful. This is the Atlantic side, not the calm Caribbean.

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