Celebrity X Cruises

Celebrity Cruises (sometimes referred to as Celebrity X Cruises) are for those individuals who want a premium cruise line with luxury.

The ships are extremely clean and well maintained. There is a good deal of fine artwork.

There are eloquent spas and gyms, signature bars and lounging areas, balcony and suite state rooms and more.

Celebrity attracts well educated, sophisticated couples (young and old), families with older children and singles who like the ambiance.

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The cruise line is relatively young. It was founded in 1988. Celebrity Cruises is superior to their parent company Royal Caribbean International. The price is a good value for the money.

The signature “X” is displayed on the funnel of the celebrity ships. This makes the ships instantly recognizable. The “X” represents the Greek letter chi “C” in English. The C is for Chandris who was the family that started the Cruise line in 1988.

In 1997 Celebrity Cruise line merged with Royal Caribbean Royal Caribbean (now it is their parent company) headquartered in Miami Florida.

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