Cheap Caribbean Vacation Packages

There are many cheap Caribbean vacation packages available.

Travel agencies are competing for your vacation dollar and this competition means low prices for you with a little planning.

The rewards are a worry free vacation in a tropical paradise where you can unwind, curl your toes in the warm beach sand and just relax!

Vacation packages have the advantage of being easy to set up. Just sign up and with a little prep you can have a great time.

Tropical White Sand Beach

Tropical White Sand Beach


The disadvantages of vacation packages are that you will be restricted in certain areas. For example, you may be at a resort that provides you all your meals and activities. For some this is great. Others may find it restricting.

There are many great places to visit in the Caribbean to get as much sun, sand and water that you desire. However, consider choosing a location off the beaten path. If you go to a popular place you may find yourself sharing your fun with large crowds.

For example, some of the bigger ports such as Charlotte Amalie in St. Thomas receive as many as five cruise ships in port at a time. This huge influx of people can turn a quiet and relaxing vacation into a noisy and stressed one.

Paridise Beach Barbados

Paradise Beach Barbados

What Planning is Needed?
There are many questions to ask before taking a trip to the Caribbean. To maximize your fun, and have an inexpensive vacation it is wise to plan out your trip.

First, determine what kind of things would you like to do on your vacation. Here are some ideas to get you started. Do you want a place that offers:

• Site seeing?
• Snorkeling?
• Scuba diving?
• Shopping
• Entertainment
• Visit ancient ruins
• Just relaxing on the beach?
• Dancing
• Other?

Next ask:

• How long to you want to go for?
• What is your budget?
• How long do you want to stay?
• What kind of accommodations do you want?
• How much are you willing to pay?
• What kind of dining is important to you?
• Do you want a place that has entertainment
• Do you want an all inclusive trip, or self determined?
• If self determined, do you want to stay at a hotel or beach house?
• Do you want to go to one place, or multiple places?

Finally, now that you have narrowed down what you are looking for, research the various options and islands that offer what you are looking for.

Sunset in Aruba

Sunset in Aruba

There are two common ways to get cheap Caribbean Vacation packages:

1. Choose a Caribbean Cruise Vacation Package that visits to islands you would like to see.

2. Get a Vacation Package that allows you to visit islands you are interested in. You may have more flexibility with the amount of time you can spend on an individual islands than with a cruise.

There are several reputable places to get cheap Caribbean Vacation packages. you can use an excellent source like

If you aren’t comfortable booking your vacation yourself you can get a good You can travel agent to help you make your decision.

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