A Chengdu Vacation

On a Chengdu Vacation you can see the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Foundation in Chengdu China.

There you will see Giant Panda Bears, Red Panda Bears, Baby Panda Bears and more.

The Baby Panda Bears are cute, playful and fun to watch.

I had the pleasure while vacationing in Chinai to see these amazing creatures at the Breeding Research Foundation.

Note: To discover inexpensive vacation ideas for traveling to Chengdu see: China Vacations.

The Breeding Research Foundation
The Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Foundation is a non-profit organization that studies and protects Giant Pandas.

The Giant Panda is an endangered species. Many panda lives have been saved because of the hard work done by the people who work at this facility.

The Giant Pandas are easily recognizable by its distinctive black eye patches, over the ears and across its body. This stands out against the rest of the fur which is white.

Baby Panda Bear

Baby Panda Climbing

Giant Pandas look like lovable giant teddy bears. The babies are cute as can be. This has been a leading factor in the widespread interest and fascination with the animal.

The diet of the Panda bear is 99% bamboo. They are mammal native to central-western and south-western China. They are a member of the Ursidae (bear) family.

Baby Panda Bears

Baby Pandas

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