China Vacations

China Vacations are a great deal of fun. There is so much to see and do!

It is a challenge to get good deals (especially since China is so far away). However there are cheap vacation ideas to explore.

Inexpensive Vacation Ideas

• One of the best ways to travel to China is on an organized tour. You can travel by yourself, but China is a vast country where traveling on your own and setting up an itinerary by yourself could be a daunting experience.

Tours get excellent discounts and some of the savings is passed on to you.

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• If you consider a tour, comparison shopping with different travel agents is warranted here since the costs may vary significantly.

• Check online and/or with a reliable travel agent to find the best times for cheap flights to China.

• Traveling during the off season (or between seasons) can help you get substantial discounts. Crowds will be less and you can enjoy the scenery more. Be careful you don’t book during the cold of winter part of the off season-- unless you would enjoy this.

I have been to China twice (on tours that were both in April). The weather was great and we had a fantastic time traveling to various cities such as Beijing, Qufu, Chengdu and more.

• Research the airline rates on line. For more info see: Book Travel Online.

Great places to visit on China Vacations

Beijing China is the capital of the Peoples Republic of China and the cultural center of China. There are great sites to see such as: The Great Wall of China, the Summer Palace, the Forbidden City, Tian’ An Men Square, a Cloisonné Factory and more.

Great Wall oF China

The Great Wall of China

Hong Kong Tourism has much to offer. See breathtaking views on the top of Victoria Peak. Visit a shopper’s paradise in Tsim Sha Tsui. See amazing lifelike images in Madame Tussauds. Visit the Hong Kong Museum of History. Take a fun boat ride on the Star Ferry.

Chengdu China has Giant Panda Bears at the Research Foundation. The foundation has received guests from more than 50 countries and has tens of thousands of tourists form China and abroad.

It should not be a surprise since the panda looks a lot like a large lovable teddy bear with black fur eye patches, ears and strips across a beautiful white fur background. Also, the Baby Panda Bears are fun to see as all babies are.

Baby Panda Bears

Baby Panda Bears

Xian China is home were constructed around 200 B.C. by the orders of Qin Shi Huang, who was the first Emperor of China. These treasures are one of the greatest archeological finds of the 20th century. The figures were created to help the emperor Qin Shi rule in the afterlife.

Terra Cotta Warriors of Xian

Terra Cotta Warriors of Xian

More physical map of China Vacations

Lhasa Tibet is the home of the Potala Palace (previously the residence of the Dalai Lama) and many fascinating monasteries. Lhasa is located at 11,450 feet and only has about 68% of the air at sea level. The air is crisp and clean and when you swing your hand though it you can’t feel a breeze.

Tibetan Landscape

Tibetan Landscape

Qufu China is a quiet little town with a rich and long history. It is the birthplace of Confucius and the world’s first university. Qufu is currently home to the Confucius Culture University. Its mission is to promote the study of Confucianism and influences on Chinese culture and society.

I have been there during a vacation to China and had a wonderful time. The people are fantastic and the history is rich and rewarding to learn.

Qufu China Parade

Qufu China Parade

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