About Chuck Clayton

Hello, my name is Chuck Clayton and I created and maintain this Inexpensive Vacation Ideas Website.

I love to travel and one statement says it best.

“See the world before you leave it!”

These wise words were spoken to me by Dr. G. who is a teacher, mentor and friend.

Dr G’s father said these words to him and he said it to me. I took these words to heart.

I got the travel bug some years back and have had many incredible experiences to fun and sometimes exotic places.

Chuck Clayton

Chuck (Lt) on a Tango Cruise in the Mediterranean

To date I have traveled to six of the seven continents (Antarctica is illusive)and thirty plus countries on vacations.

Like most people my budget is not unlimited so I have had to learn how to stretch the dollar to the max. My time is limited as well.

A little common sense spiced with prudence and pre-planning goes a long way towards designing a great vacation without breaking the bank.

Throughout this website I will provide personal thoughts when applicable and give you hints and tips to make your vacation time more enjoyable and inexpensive as possible.

Besides travel and work my interests are varied. I enjoy active sports, writing, and Argentine Tango dancing. I also have some other websites. They are:

Financial Planning Techniques

Basic Management Skills

Critical Thinking Keys

Problem Solving Techniques

College Student Success

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