Club Med Vacations

Club Med Vacations are all inclusive adventures.

I have been on several Club Med holidays and the only obligation you have when you get up in the morning is to have fun!

I have been to Turks and Caicos, Cancun, Ixtapa, and more.

I have encouraged many friends to go and they have had great experiences as well.

Club Meds are not inexpensive vacation, however you get excellent value for your vacation dollars.

Club Med Welcome Crew

Club Med Welcoming Crew

The club med staff work very hard to make your vacation as fun as possible. There are all sorts of activities during the day to delight and amuse you. Different clubs have different activities. There are water exercises, sailing, crafts, volleyball, workout rooms, sailing and more. Some of the clubs such as Turquoise, Turks and Caicos have incredible diving.

Club Med Volleyball

Club Med Volleyball

Of course the beaches at many of the Club Med resorts have stunning white sands where you can get all the relaxation, sun and water you desire. The great thing is that many of the Club Med Beaches are private. This means very few people on the beaches which makes them even more fun.

In the evenings there are songs that people sing along with and funny shows that will help people relax in a way some never have before. After the show you may go out dancing or sit with friends and have some wine, beer or soft drinks and talk for hours.

Club Med Evening Show

Club Med Evening Guest Show

Club Med is a French company and people from all over the world go to these resorts. You might even make new friends from around the world.

In summary, if you enjoy the tropics, like to play and/or enjoy sports then you will enjoy your Club Med Vacations.

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Turks and Caicos Club Med is an all inclusive resort that is exclusively for adults. There are many sports and activities to take part in. Or, you can just relax on and take in the sun, sand and water.

Club Med Martinique has many water sports such as water skiing, windsurfing, snorkeling, scuba diving (extra). For keeping in shape there are several group fitness classes (body balance, soft gym and more,) a wellness centre with 4 individual treatment rooms.

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