Costa Cruises Line

Costa Cruises line is geared towards a mix of sophistication and basic fare.

The ships have an Italian ambiance (noisy but easy going). The mix of passengers varies widely.

A high percentage of passengers are Italian with other European and some Americans. There are singles, families, young and old.

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Costa started in 1924 operating freighters. Costa’s first passenger ship entered in 1948. Today Costa Cruises has a full fleet for cruising.

Costa Cruse Ship Docked in Turkey

Costa Cruise Ship Docked in Turkey

The current fleet is significant. I have been on Costa cruises twice in the past couple of years. In late 2008 I took a cruise on the Costa Fortuna in the East Mediterranean. In late 2009 I took a longer cruise (also in the East Mediterranean) on the Costa Mediterranean.

Both ships were fine, however I liked the Costa Mediterranean a little better than the Costa Fortuna even though they are both newer ships (I don’t have a specific reason for liking one over the other).

Both ships were clean and neat and taken care of. The service (on both trips) was excellent. The staff was very professional and all work hard to make sure the passengers are happy. The food on both cruises was tasty (but not memorable), and there was good variety and presentation.

Cruise Ship Dinner

Costa Cruise Ship Dinner

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