Costa Rica Vacations

Costa Rica is a popular vacation spot for many people.

There are a great number of activities to enjoy.

You can see an active volcano, take a horseback tour, do a Zip Line and explore a gentleman’s jungle!

Note: To find inexpensive vacation ideas when traveling to Central America see:
Central America Vacation.

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The Gentleman’s Jungle

There are a great many things to do for the outdoor minded. I call it a gentleman’s jungle because you can be in the jungle one minute and at a resort just a few minutes later.

The people are friendly and helpful and enjoy tourists. They make you feel right at home.

The picture below is of me when I went to stand under a 60 foot waterfall. It was like standing under a hundred showers that were raining down all at once. The power of the water was amazing and an experience I will never forget!

Costa Rica Water Fall

Preparing for a major Shower!

Here are just a few of the fun things to do.

• See an active volcano such as Arenal (last eruption 2009). Don’t get too close!

• Take a horseback tour of the jungle and maybe even swim in a natural spring. Heck you may even get to walk up to a beautiful waterfall.

• Take a canopy tour and slide down long zip lines between trees as the wind blows in your face. A five goose bump experience!

• Rent a jeep and explore the country.

• Stay at a rustic hotel or a top notch resort, your choice!

Costa Rica Canopy Tour

Canopy Tours are a Blast!

This is a beautiful country with many natural treasures worth exploring. It can be one wildlife adventure after another.

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