Cruise Panama Canal

Cruise Panama Canal and witness an amazing engineering and human feat.

The Panama Canal is located on the isthmus connecting North and South America. It connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.

Because of this marvelous engineering feat the Panama Canal is now a favorite vacation spot for thousands of people a year.

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Map of Panama Canal

Panama Canal Map

Interesting Panama Canal Facts
The construction of the Panama Canal began in 1880 and it was completed in 1914. Thousands of lives were lost in this massive effort.

The vast majority of original structure and equipment are still in use. Going through the canal is a real treat for anyone interested in engineering and/or history.

It takes about eight hours to go through the canal. You travel though three main locks which use gravity to raise ships over Central America and lower them down on the other side.

Mostly cargo ships go through the canal. Cruise liners go through as well. While going through the canal there is a running narration by an expert who comes on board for the day.

Panama Canal Entrance

Panama Canal Entrance

The Panama Canal is being widened and modernized by a vote by the Panamanian voters in 2006. A 60% wider channel is being dug that will parallel the existing canal along its narrowest sections on either side of Gatum Lake. When it is completed it will approximately double the Canal’s capacity. It is scheduled for completion in 2014.

This larger canal will provide cruise lines with more flexibility for the itineraries of their larger Panama ships.

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