Cunard Lines

Sailing aboard a Cunard lines ship is unique because it provides a taste to the golden age of passenger ships.

There are extensive facilities, public rooms, and rooms were you can listen to lectures exploring life enrichment.

You will enjoy a wide array of entertainment. The main shows are lively and colorful. There are cabaret acts such as singers, magicians, jugglers and comedians.

Many small bands and musicians spice the ships with music for ambiance and dancing.

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The Cunard experience is excellent value for the money for those looking for a taste of the grand traditions of ocean liners and ships that incorporate a lot of maritime history.

They have trips to the Caribbean, New England/Canada and transatlantic. They also have trips to South America, Africa, Europe and world cruises.

Cunard ships attract experienced cruisers that enjoy the old time ambiance.

Primary passengers are the 50+ crowd, with a large spice of families.

Most passengers are from the US with the next highest percentage coming from Brittan. There is also a good mix of people from a wide array of countries making this a true international cruise lines.

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