Disney Cruise Ships

Disney Cruise Ships are at the top for family fun.

There are also good for honeymooners and seniors. They sail to the Caribbean and the Bahamas and Mexican Riviera.

Disney cruises have extra large cabins for families; Disney inspired entertainment, separate adult pools and lounges.

They also have the biggest children facilities at sea. This is more of a Disney theme than cruise (ex. there are no casinos).

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The staff throughout the ship have a “happy to serve” mentality that make it a lot of fun for the patrons.

The staff if from some 60 countries including the United States. The Disney dining rooms are efficient and lean more towards friendly than formal.

The Disney entertainment is some of the best at sea. There are Broadway caliber performers who will delight and amaze.

The Walt Disney theatre includes such shows as Cirque du Soleil-style Disney Dreams, taking the audience from Peter Pan to The Lion King and the Golden Mickey.

They are a tribute to the Disney films through the years. They combine song and dance, special effects and animated film.

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