Disney World Tips

These top Disney World Tips have been provided to help make your vacation fun, inexpensive, and with less stress.

Below are ways of maximizing your vacation dollars, maximizing your time and fun!

Money Saving Disney World Tips

A little planning and research here can save you a great deal of money!

• Go to Disney’s own website www.disneyworld.com and click on My Vacation.

• Travel agents and AAA can provide some good bargains to Disney World. Look for deals online. Go to www.travelocity.com for rooms and packages to the park.

Disney Goofy

Goofy, Minnie and Friends

• Purchase your airline tickets as soon as you know you are going. The earlier the better to help you get the best rates.

• Walt Disney World has a lot of great on-site hotels. They range from very expensive to inexpensive ($500+ a night to less than a $100/night) and all of them are clean and safe and nice. Selecting a place to stay that is inexpensive can help you stretch your vacation dollars much further.

You probably won’t be spending a great deal of time in your hotel room anyway. And as a bonus everything is relatively close (a train ride away) to other areas so being closer to the action with a high priced hotel isn’t as much of a benefit as it might seem.

• Disney doesn’t provide deep discounts but when times are slow they are as concerned about filling hotel rooms as any other chain. These may not be announced. When you call make sure you ask:

“Are there are any special discounts available during the times I will be there?”

• Getting a vacation package can be great deal, but make sure you will use most of features. Many of these packages can be customized. Paying up front costs more money initially, however knowing things are already paid for when you get to Disney world helps lower the stress, and if bought correctly can save a great deal of money on your trip.

• The more days you purchase the less your cost per day. This can be significant (up to 40% savings or more!). Since there are a lot of fun things to do, this will give you more time (and less stress) to visit the attractions you have been wanting to see.

Disney Toy Story Characters

Disney Toy Story Characters - Disney World Tips

Disney World Tips - Maximizing your Time

• Fall is one of the best times of the year to go to Disney World. It has lighter crowds than any other season and the weather is usually excellent. There are two drawbacks. It may be tough to get some of your children out of school. Also some of the parks run shorter hours.

Spring is also a good time to go on vacation except around spring break when all the children are out of school (unless your children are in school and your choices are limited). The weather is great with highs in the 70s-and lows in the 60s.

Winter is terrible during the holidays but can be excellent during other times when the crows are lighter. Summer is hot and crowded. If your children’s school schedule only allow you to go then consider the first two weeks in June and the last two weeks in August.

• Being at the park when the gates open is the best way to get the most bang for your buck. Many people like to sleep in and this can be a tremendous advantage for you.

• Eat breakfast before going or when you are in line waiting for the rope drop to get in. In a relatively empty park it doesn’t make a lot of sense to waste time at a restaurant.

• See the most popular attractions early in the morning before the crowds have had a chance to form. A second option is to go to these attractions late in the evening when the crowds have thinned.

• Disney’s FASTPASS is a great system designed to reduce the time you spend waiting in line. Rather than standing in line when it is too long, go to the FASTPASS kiosk and insert your theme park ticket.

You will get you theme park ticket back and a small paper FASTPASS (it looks like a movie stub). It will tell you what time to return and get into a special FASTPASS line (shorter). Go enjoy other parts of the park and return at the time noted on your FASTPASS.

Wait times usually are 10-15 minutes (as opposed to 60 -90 minute wait times on some rides without having a fast pass!) Using the fast pass saves time, allows you to see more attractions and lowers boredom waiting in long lines.

The attractions that offer the FASTPASS can be found in books like: Foder’s Walt Disney World.
Note: there are only a limited number of FASTPASS tickets available.

• One of the most common problems (if you are driving) is forgetting where you parked. Parking in Pluto 23 at the beginning of the day may seem easy to remember, but when you are fried by the endo of the day, it may be tough to remember.

Write it down and put it in your wallet or purse in a place you can easily find it. That solves that problem!

Mickey Mouse and Kids

Mickey Mouse is always a Favorite!_Disney World Tips

Disney World Tips - Planning Ahead of Time

• Plan out your vacation ahead of time. When you purchase your trip, requests maps of the theme parks so you can decide what to do. There is a lot to see and do so determining a plan before hand will help you decide how to have the most fun and will lower stress (of missing something).

When you arrive, be flexible and move things around as it makes sense. After all, this is a vacation!

Final Disney World Tips

• If an ID with charge privileges is lost, report it immediately! Unwanted charges are painful and can hurt an otherwise great vacation.

• A little bit of up front planning goes a long way to create a fun, vacation for you and your whole family!

Note: Many of the Disney World Tips shown on this page are equally applicable to Disneyland. Note: One of the best ways to save money on Disney World vacations is with an Insiders Savings Guide.

Disney World Savings Guide

The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide!
The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide is written by ex-Disney employee Beth Haworth. She was a Disney Cast member who thoroughly enjoyed her job. After years of watching hundreds of families needlessly throw money away because they didn’t know any better she decided to do something about it.

It is everything Beth learned to help others have a great vacation without breaking the bank.

Here is just a sampling on ways to save money:

• When to go to Disney World –taking advantage of low price seasons.
• Disney Lodging – Savings Secrets & Strategies.
• Take the “free” Magical Express shuttle from the airport.
• Slash food expenses without sacrificing eating out.
• Find the hottest rides and get the best seats in the house.
• How to bypass the crowds with Hidden Entrances.
• Much More!

Beth Haworth does an excellent job of navigating you though the complexities of deals that Disney World has to offer. This Labyrinth of deals needs a seasoned guide.
Highly Recommended!

I hope these Disney World Tips have been useful! For more Disney World Tips and information on Walt Disney World see: Fodor's Walt Disney World 2010. This book saved me a great deal of money when I went to Disney World on vacation.

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Disney World Savings Guide

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