Eastern Mediterranean Cruises

Eastern Mediterranean cruises can make a great inexpensive vacation.

You can visit many beautiful and exotic places. For example, Costa Cruise lines cover travel to countries like Italy, Sicily, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt and more.

Day 1: Savona (Italy)

Day 2: Naples (Italy) Pompeii Italy is one of the tours.

Day 3: Messina (Sicily). It is a beautiful city to visit.

Day 4: Cruising

Day 5: Alexandria (Egypt) The Ancient Egypt Pyramids are amazing

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Day 6: Limassol (Cyprus)A quiet relaxed town.
Day 7: Marmaris (Turkey)A beautify city by the Ocean.
Day 8: Santorini (Greece) One of the most beautiful of the Greek Isles
Day 9: Katakolon/Olympia (Greece) The first Olympic Games were in Olympia
Day 10: Cruising
Day 11: Savona (Italy)

Santorini Greece

View of Santorini Greece

The best way to provide a sense as to what is available is to show a recent itinerary on a 10 day trip that I took on Tango Costa Cruise Lines to the following countries. The map below shows the area we visited.

Marmaris Turkey

Marmaris Turkey

Ancient Egypt Pyrimid and Spinx

Ancient Egypt Pyramid and Spinx

There are a wide array of other tours available. Let your imagination soar to where you want to go!

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