European Travel Tips

These European travel tips are provided to keep you safe and help you have a great time on your inexpensive vacation.

This page provides tips before your trip, on the flight over, while traveling in Europe and more.

You will learn how to protect your valuables, why you should never surrender your passport, and how to get a list of US consulates for the countries you will be in.

Also learn how to adjust your circadian clock, keep yourself fresh upon arrival, and why you should not drink alcohol on your flight over to Europe.

Santorini Greece

Santorini Greece - European Travel Tips

Tips Before your trip

Check with the CDC (center for disease control) to see if you need any vaccinations for the countries you are going to.

You can also find out if there is a disease outbreak that you should know about. You can find the CDC at:

Get a list of US consulates for the countries you will be in
If you lose your passport, or get caught up in a crime the US Consulates are there to help you. You probably won’t need them, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Adjust your circadian clock
The time difference your body will experience going from west to east can be brutal if you are not used to it.

Depending on where you are traveling in the US (and the time of year) there can be a 8-9 hour difference (or more). Adjusting your sleep schedule backwards starting a couple of days before the trip can help soften the blow.

This can be done by going to bed a few hours earlier and getting up a few hours earlier for a couple of days before the trip

Oslo Ski Jump

Ski Jump Oslo Norway

European Travel Tips for Your Flight Over

Comfort on your plane flight
Get up and walk around every 2-3 hours maximum . Sitting in the same seat for too long (and they aren’t that comfortable) can make almost anyone a bit stiff. Stretching every so often helps minimize this. If you fall asleep for several hours, not to worry, just stretch as soon as you wake up.

Consider taking Melatonin
The body naturally produces Melatonin to help you sleep. There is an over the counter Melatonin pill that can help you sleep on the plane.

Drink minimal or no alcohol
Alcohol and flying frequently do not mix. It dries you out and may make it tough to sleep. Consider drinking water or juice instead.

Monaco Harbor

Monaco Harbor

European Travel Trips in Europe

Don’t surrender your passport easily
Never let your passport out of your site (or possession) unless they have extremely good reasons and most importantly “you trust them!” If someone asks you to make a copy (for good reason), stay with that individual and get your passport back as soon as possible. It is your pass home—this is important!

An example of needing to surrender your passport came up for me recently on a cruise to the Mediterranean. The cruise ship asked me to surrender my passport for immigration requirements (we went to 6 different countries with various requirements). I resisted strongly until it was clearly the only option available.

Cruise lines and reputable guided tours are a couple of exceptions to the “no passport surrender rule.” However, still make sure it is absolutely necessary.

Protect your valuables
Until you know the lay of the land be extra careful how you keep your valuables. These include, but are not limited to your wallet, purse, passport and visas.

o For men: Keeping your wallet in your front pocket will help insure it isn’t stolen or lost. When you are in a busy part of a city keep your hand in your pocket on your wallet.

o For women: Keep hold of your purse (not just letting it dangle on your side) in busy cities. This adds an extra bit of security.

o In airports always keep an eye on your bags. If you have to look away keep one of your feet pressed up against your bag(s). If someone tries to take it, you will know immediately.

o Remember, your most valuable asset is you! Be very careful to go to unknown places, or succumb to overly friendly people who will try to pull you out of the main areas. You could easily find yourself in a difficult or dangerous situation very quickly.

Marmaris Mini Cruises

Marmaris Turkey

Final thoughts on European Travel Tips

Traveling to Europe on vacation can be a great deal of fun. You will be exposed to different cultures, art, people and languages. There is much richness Europe has to share.

Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle England - European Travel Tips

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