Fred Olson Cruises

Fred Olson Cruises are a smaller more intimate cruse lines.

They have a host of destinations in the United States, Northern Europe, the Mediterranean and the Caribbean.

They also travel to the Amazon Africa, the Canary Islands, West Africa, Northern Europe, the UK, Ireland and more.

Fred Olson is a Norwegian company that has a British ambiance on board.

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The ships are smaller which has several advantages.

• There is a friendlier, more home like feeling.

• You will see people on a daily basis.

• You can visit smaller, more intimate ports.

• Smaller ports have smaller crowds.

People enjoy cruising on Fred Olson because they are relaxing, hassle free and an escape from everyday life. The staff aboard the Fred Olsen Ships is friendly and courteous. The food selection is excellent in the dining rooms and on the decks.

There are fascinating shows, dining, dancing and on deck entertainment. On formal night you will be able to dress up and meet the crew.

If you are looking for a stress free cruise vacation that is smaller and more intimate then consider Fred Olson.

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