Galapagos Diving Vacation

Galapagos Diving on vacation is a blast!

There are hammerhead sharks, sea lions, white tip reef sharks, sea turtles, moray eels, parrot fish and more.

The best way to provide a flavor for Diving Galapagos is to write about a vacation a friend (Ron) and I took to the Galapagos Islands.

We did six days of diving and three days of land tours.

Note: To learn about inexpensive vacation ideas for the Galapagos Islands see: Galapagos Trips.

Sea Turtle Galapagos

Galapagos Sea Turtle

First Encounter
On our first morning of Galapagos Diving I hopped out of bed before seven AM, ate a small bag of cookies and downed a power drink.

I then packed my gear, threw it over my shoulder and knocked on Ron’s door.

We walked down to the local dock just around the corner from the hotel where the boat was moored. We were greeted by the other divers and crew with an excitement and anticipation of adventure that is common on dive outings.

Galapagos Marine Iguana

This wonderful day was only a teaser for what was to come. During our first dive we saw abundant sea life including white tip reef sharks gracefully propelling themselves fluidly with their strong bodies.

We also saw sea turtles that looked like large saucers with feet swimming though the inky blue water, moray eels hiding within the rock structures, bright colored parrot fish and more.

White Tip Reef Shark

White Tip Reef Shark

We also saw sea turtles that looked like large saucers with feet swimming though the inky blue water, moray eels hiding within the rock structures, bright colored parrot fish and more.

Parrot Fish

Parrot Fish Galapagos

The bottom terrain consisted of vast areas of desolate sand with scattered lava rocks of various sizes, multiple terraces formed from lava flows and high volcanic mounds where dark caves beckoned to be explored.

Galapagos White Tip Reef Sharks

Galapagos Underwater Sharks

Sea fans swayed to the rhythm of the strong underwater currents. The drenched landscape coupled with the exotic marine and plant life made this undersea world hauntingly alive and beautiful.

Stingray Galapagos

Stingray Galapagos Islands

A New Adventure Every Day!
On our forth day of diving we traveled to a dive site called Gordon’s Rock a small volcanic mount that jettisons out of the water. It is located near the north east corner of Santa Cruz Island.

As we donned our dive equipment we watched the rough seas crashing against the jagged rocks less than thirty feet from our boat wondering to ourselves about the sanity of diving in this untamed area. But, exhilaration and anticipation subdued our concerns.

Once in position, Macarron (our dive master) gave us the signal and we all flipped off of the side of the boat starting our decent near the vertical wall of Gordon’s rock.

Into the abyss we went, confident that our experienced guide would keep us out of harms way. The current was about one to two knots and hour. Along with the strong current there were some serious surges as deep as forty to fifty feet.

The swells pulled us upwards about four to five feet and then shoved us back down the same amount a few seconds later. We were being tossed around the seas like leaves in the wind. We tried to relax and navigate as best as possible through the current and surges.

About fifty feet deep we stopped to see a moray eel hiding in a crevice in the rocks. After a few minutes of exploring the underwater wall of Gordon’s rock we swam in the open water about fifteen minutes with no structure at all to get our bearings.

Moray Eel Galapagos Islands

Moray Eel Galapagos Islands

It was spooky, especially with a strong current, but we had trust in our guide. Out of the misty haze we saw a dozen or more five to six foot long hammerhead sharks swimming gracefully below us.

They are strange, but beautiful creatures with a fish like body and a T shaped head with eyes on the end of the T. Thoughts raced though my head. It is one thing to watch hammer head sharks on the discovery channel. It is another thing to see them live!

Hammer Head Sharks

Hammer Head Sharks - Galapagos Diving

A Great Place to Dive!
If you are an avid diver, the Galapagos diving should be on a short list of places to dive! Having significant dives under your belt is important as the currents and cold water are challenging.

The undersea world is prehistoric, wild and unbelievably beautiful. The sea creatures swimming in the prehistoric landscape is beautiful beyond description.

The trip to the Galapagos Islands surpassed every one of our expectations. The memories from this trip truly last a lifetime.

Diving Galapagos and seeing the amazing creatures up close and personal on a Galapagos Vacation is a definite five goose bump experience!

Sea Lions Playing Galapagos Islands

Playing with the Sea Lions - Galapagos Diving

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