Giant Panda Bear Pictures

I took the video and Giant Panda Bear pictures shown here on a vacation at the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Foundation in Chengdu China.

This Research Facility has been studying breeding and other scientific research since 1987.

It has been in conjunction with domestic and international corporations. The goal is to conserve and rescue this world-famous endangered species.

The research institute has received guests from more than 50 countries and has tens of thousands of vacationing tourists from China and abroad.

It should not be a surprise since the panda looks a lot like a large lovable teddy bear with black fur eye patches, ears and strips across a beautiful white fur background.

Giant Panda Bear

Giant Panda

The diet of the Panda bear is 99% bamboo. They are mammals native to central-western and south-western China and are a member of the Ursidae (bear) family.

Giant Panda Bear Eating Bamboo

Giant Panda Eating Bamboo

Baby Panda Bears

Baby Panda Bears

Besides the giant panda bears at the Research Center, there are also the red panda bears who are relatives to the Giant Pandas. The red panda is a lot smaller, has a long tail and there area a lot more of them than the Giant Pandas. See picture below.

During our trip to the reserve some of our people were able to go into the compound and feed these Red Pandas. It was one of the many highlight of our vacation.

Red Panda Bear

Red Panda Bear

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