Beautiful Glacier Bay Alaska

Glacier Bay Alaska National Park and Preserve is a wonderful place to visit on vacation for adventurers, photographers and those who just enjoy the great outdoors.

Most people see Glacier Bay on an Alaska Inside Passage cruise.

Not only is Glacier Bay beautiful, there is an abundance of marine and terrestrial wildlife, snow capped mountains and deep fjords.

There are also fresh water rivers and lakes, ocean coastlines, tidewater glaciers and snow-capped mountains.

On a recent cruise to Alaska we had the privilege of seeing this beautiful area.

Glacier Bay Alaska

Glacier Bay

One of the most breathtakingly beautiful sites I saw was a mountain top that poled through the clouds.

It reminded me of the famous Mt Everest peak in Tibet. See picture below.

Glacier Bay is an important wildlife sanctuary. There is much work to preserve this pristine environment and study the fundamental geologic processes.

Glacier Bay Alaska 1

One of the Beautiful Glaciers

It is one of the most dynamically changing environments which makes it fascinating to study. This is an opportunity to see how the biological world is shaped by the environment.

The ecosystem work that is going on here with hope to foretell future changes to the region of the world. With this knowledge we will learn how to steward our environment effectively.

Mt Siyeh Glacier Bay

Mt Siyeh Glacier Bay - NPS Picture

Note: Mt Siyeh Glacier Bay Picture is from the National Park Service.

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