Great White Shark Cage Diving

Great White Shark cage diving is an amazing adrenaline rush!

I have been to Gaansbai South Africa to go cage diving with the Great Whites and it was incredible.

Our Cage
Our cage was about 5 feet in diameter and 7 foot tall with large buoys at the top to help keep it afloat.

There was a large hole around the circumference of the cage of about a foot that was between 5 and six foot up so the divers could see out and take pictures. It was made with reinforced re-bar and chicken wire. Yes, chicken wire!

Great White Shark Swimming

A Great White Shark Swimming - Great White Shark Cage Diving

View from a Cage
Our time in the cage was the memory of a lifetime. We got into the cage in twos. When it was our turn, I shared the cage with my friend Ron.

For the first few minutes we got our bearings. The water was a little misty. Mike the leader of the expedition noted that there had been one a huge storm in the area recently.

After a few minutes in the cage we saw a sleek and powerful Great White came out of the mist. She was about fourteen feet long and absolutely beautiful! We observed her as she gracefully swam almost effortlessly though the ocean waters.

Ron was shooting video as I prepared my Nikonos III underwater camera for some great shots.

The Great White turned toward our cage and came right at us! As I prepared my camera I felt like a young boy on Christmas morning patiently waiting to open his gifts. In my case I was waiting for the perfect time to shoot a couple of amazing pictures.

The Nikonos III had to be hand wound to get to the next picture so I knew the best I would do was to take two pictures if she came in for a close-up.

After swimming gracefully about, the Great White turned and headed directly towards the cage! This was it. I prepared my camera and myself for the pictures. Wait; wait, not just yet…

NOW! I shot the first picture, wound the camera as fast as possible and took the second shot.

I had taken both pictures successfully and was full of life and excitement.All of a sudden something happened and I fell over scrambling to get back up. The shark had bumped into our cage. I was so focused on getting the pictures; I was literally knocked off my feet. Wow, what a rush!

If you are an adventurer, Great White Shark Cage Diving is something worth considering!

Great White Shark view from a cage

The Great White Shark right before she struck the cage!

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