Great White Shark Facts

There are many amazing great white shark facts.

Great white sharks grow to a length of 17-19 feet at maturity which makes it the third largest fish in the ocean.

The whale shark and the basking shark are the only other fish that are larger and they are both filter feeders.

I have seen these amazing creatures on vacation in Gansbaai South Africa and was thoroughly impressed.

Great White Shark Swimming

The Perfect Predator

The Perfect Predator
The Great White Shark is the most perfect predator on the face of the planet today—on land or in the seas. The animal has evolved over 300 million years and design is good—it is very good.

The great white shark has several significant advantages that make it clearly the apex predator of the oceans. It has size, strong disengaging jaws with razor sharp teeth that are replaced as needed, an armored but flexible body, and rotating eyeballs to protective them against thrashing prey.

The Great White shark has a skeletal structure is cartilage not bone which makes the animal extremely flexible.

Great white sharks have excellent eyesight, are able to smell in the parts per million and sense electrical current of other sea life. Although great white sharks have no vocal cords, they communicate with each other and their prey using body language.

Great white sharks have a hierarchical structure where size is the determining factor in who gets first choice at the food table.

They are stealth predators with lightening speed and agile bodies. They have a dark blue or gray back that allows them to blend into the ocean for prey looking downward and a white underbelly to camouflage them from prey looking upwards.

Great White Shark Fin

A Great White Shark Breaks the Surface

More Great White Shark Facts
Great White Sharks frequently surface feed and observing them can be eerie as their heads come out of the water and they watch there prey and you with those large black as coal eyes.

They can swim at high speeds in short bursts, and have no natural predators, with the exception of man. There is even a playful side of the Great White Shark that few observers have seen.
Who could ask for more?

The pictures on this page are from a Great White Shark vacation I took with a friend. It was a five goose bump experience.

Great White Shark Feeding1

A Great White Shark Feeding

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