Great White Shark Pictures

The Great White Shark pictures shown here were taken on a vacation to Gaansbai South Africa.

Gaansbai is one of the premier spots on the planet for seeing these magnificent creatures.

If you love adventure and seeing nature at its wildest, consider taking a vacation and getting into a cage to see these magnificent creatures!

First Encounter
I stood in awe excited to take some Great White Shark pictures as she surfaced about fifteen feet off the starboard side of the boat.

Great White Shark Fin  Cutting Through Water

The Great White Shark!

She was about seventeen feet long and with the exception of her size she looked exactly like the creature in Jaws.

Her sleek and powerful body glistened as the water flowed off her back in streams and droplets. Our captain Mike gently pulled on a rope that was attached to a large tuna head we were using as bait.

She slowly and methodically turned on her side and opened those fearsome jaws.

Great White Shark1

Great White Shark Swimming

We could see her pink gums and a mouth full of pearly white razor sharp teeth that glistened in the morning light. Her black dolls eyes slowly disappeared and white orbs replaced them.

Surprisingly relaxed, the Great White Shark bit though the ten inch diameter tuna head as easily as you or I would bite though a crisp ripe apple. Her gentle but deliberate manner surprised us all.

Great White Shark Feeding

Great White Shark Feeding

As she came in towards the boat she turned and erratically swished her huge tail. In a moment three of us standing along the side of the boat were immediately drenched from the waist downwards.

Mike, the captain looked at her and then looked at me and in an Aussie accent said: “If you fall in with that one she will take you right out!” I knew then and there I would be extra careful on this trip.

We would soon find out that the Great White Shark was not the mindless killing machine that the news and movie media had led us to believe. The reputation of the Great White Shark as an animal that only swims eats and makes baby sharks couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Great White Shark from Cage

Great White Shark Picture From a Cage!

Each of these magnificent creatures has a separate and unique personality. Some are relaxed and deliberate in their mannerisms. Others move quickly and unpredictably. Some are cautious and timid. Still others are cunningly stealth in the way they swim, interact and stalk their prey.

More is being leaned about the life cycle, patterns, physiology and psychology of the Great White every year. They are not the simple minded animal that has been its reputation for decades.

I hope you have enjoyed these pictures, video, information and stories! Seeing the great white sharks up close and personal on a vacation is an unbelievable adrenalin rush.

I have had the privilege to see them from the surface and the safety of a cage. This is definitely a 5 goose bump experience!

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