Hawaii National Parks

There are 4 Hawaii National Parks to visit.

Visiting National parks is a great way to get a fun cheap vacation.

See active volcanoes, fragile ecosystems, endangered species, prehistoric home sites, coconut groves, breathtaking scenery and more.

Haleakala National Park - Located in east Maui this park preserves incredible volcanic landscapes of Haleakala (10,023 feet), the fragile ecosystems of Kipahulu Valley, endangered species and more.

Haleakala National Park

Haleakala National Park - NPS Picture

Haleakala National Park1

Haleakala National Park1 - NPS Picture

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park - Located on the south end of the island of Hawaii this park preserves the natural setting of Mauna Loa (13,677 feet) (the worlds largest volcano), and Kilauea (the worlds most active volcano). There is scenic driving and hiking.

Hawaii Volcanos National Park

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park - NPS Picture

Koloko-Honokohau National Historical Park - Located on the west coast of the island of Hawaii near Kailua Kona this park preserves native Hawaiian activities and culture. There is hiking, bird-watching, fishing, snorkeling, surfing swimming and more

Pu’uhonua o Ho’naunau National Historical Park - Located in the southwest of the island of Hawaii near Ho’naunau this park was a sanctuary for vanquished warriors, noncombatants and more until 1819. There are prehistoric home sites, coconut groves, incredible scenery and more. You can hike, fish, take a self-guided tour and more.

Note: Pictures are courtesy of the National Park Service.

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