Fun Juneau Attractions

There are many fun Juneau Attractions on an inexpensive vacation. Most people visit Juneau on one of their cruise line stops.

There is the amazing Mendenhall Glacier, whale watching, hiking, biking, kayaking, zip lining, rafting and fishing.

There is also gold panning, salmon bakes, a Salmon Hatchery, Alaska Brewing Company and more.

There are many fun Juneau Attractions for the adventurous minded on vacation. Most people visit Juneau on one of their cruise line stops.

Many of the tours offered by the cruise lines are expansive. If you really want to do something and it is expensive then you should go for it. You may not pass this way again. However, there are many inexpensive vacation alternatives.

The Mendenhall Glacier

The Mendenhall Glacier

On a recent trip to Juneau we had a blast by designing our own tour. Here is how to do save money and have a great time.

Negotiate prices with local business owners- Once you get into port, many local excursions are right there in kiosks etc. By booking with them you immediately save the cruise charge ( my guess is 15-20% charge).

Just make sure they are clear that you have to be back in plenty of time to get back on the ship before it leaves. The ship “will leave” at the prescribed time, whether or not you are on board!

The town of Juneau was a bit of a walk from where the cruise line docked, but the cruise line had buses that were $3 for a one way trip to Juneau. When you were done touring you could take the bus ride back for the same price. Not bad!

While in Juneau we wanted to go to the magnificent Mendenhall Glacier. The guided excursion the cruise line offered to the Glacier cost $44.00 each. We opted to find our own way to the glacier. It worked well.

A vendor at a Kiosk next to the port sold us round way bus tickets to the glacier for $14 each. The trip was about 30 minutes there and back, and their buses left every 30 minutes.

There is an information center at the Glacier for any questions. We had a great time and took some amazing pictures and avoided the crowds of a guided tour.

Downtown Juneau

Downtown Juneau

Whale watching - Fun Juneau Attractions You can see majestic Humpbacks and Orcas. These giants may be large but are graceful and stunning to watch.

Humpback Breach Juneau Alaska

Humpback Breach - Juneau Alaska

If you are on a cruise ship there and invest some time on deck there is a high probability you will see some whales. If you want to see them more up close and personal then consider a whale watching tour in Juneau.

If you like taking pictures, make sure to take your best camera(s) as well as plenty of batteries and film. The town is quaint and fun to walk through.

There are beautiful landscapes, rugged coastal mountain ranges, forested inlets, and magnificent wildlife to capture in your photos and video.

To get to Juneau consider taking a cruise. The primary cruse lines are Princess Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, Holland America Line, and Carnival Cruise Lines.

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