Kentucky National Parks

There are two Kentucky National Parks to visit on a fun and cheap vacation.

Cumberland Gap National Historical Park - Located at the junction of Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee this is the natural passageway across the Appalachian Mountains.

The Cumberland Gap opened the west to 18th century explorers and travelers.

Approximately 300,000 settlers passed through here from 1775- 1810. There is hiking, auto touring, picnicking and more.

Cumberland Gap National Park

Cumberland Gap National Historical Park - NPS Picture

Mammoth Cave National Park - Located in south-central Kentucky Mammoth cave is the longest cave in the world stretching more than 360 miles below the earth.

There are amazing creatures that inhabit the cave such as cave spiders, white crayfish, eyeless fish and more. Besides cave exploring there is bird watching, canoeing, hiking, horseback riding, picnicking and more.

Mammoth Cave National Park

Mammoth Cave National Park - NPS Picture

Note: Pictures are courtesy of the National Park Service.

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