A Lhasa Tibet Vacation

A Lhasa Tibet Vacation is fun, educational and a step back in time.

Lhasa is rich in history and culture and a wonderful place to see on vacation.

Lhasa (the capital of Tibet) is home of the Potala Palace (previously the residence of the Dalai Lama) and many fascinating monasteries.

Lhasa is located at 11,450 feet and only has about 68% of the air at sea level.

The air is crisp and clean and when you swing your hand though it you can’t feel a breeze.

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The altitude can be difficult for some and altitude sickness can occur (headaches, difficulty breathing etc).

The trip to Lhasa has breathtaking scenery that makes the drive to the city a real treat. Notice the lack of trees in the photo below due to the high altitude.

Tibetan Landscape

Tibetan Landscape

Lhasa is an interesting clash of the past with the present. One minute you will be in a monastery that is centuries old, and the next minute you will be outside with cars driving by.

Tibetan Woman

Tibetan Woman

Buddhist monks are everywhere and all wear the distinctive red robes.

The people of Lhasa Tibet wear clothing that is both colorful and unique. They are kind, gentle and helpful.

Tibetan Monk getting a Haircut

Getting a Haircut!

The Potala Palace is a must see in Lhasa. The beauty and attention to detail on the inside of the Palace is breath taking. Gold is everywhere.

There are around 1,000 rooms and thousands of shrines and statues. It is a five goose bump experience to see. No pictures or video are allowed inside the palace.

Potala Palace Lhasa Tibet

Potala Palace

The monasteries around Lhasa are very interesting. If you get the opportunity to see where and how the monks live it is well worth the time.

Tibetan Monks Gathering

Tibetan Monks Gathering

The monks will occasionally get together for debates of their beliefs and to test each others knowledge. Observing this interaction is a great experience.

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