Martinique Island Vacations

Martinique Island vacations are fun because of the sun, sand and glistening water. This makes it a great playground.

If you love water sports there is plenty to do. For example, Martinique has some of the best scuba diving in the Caribbean.

There are warm water temperatures (80-86 degrees Fahrenheit), turquoise waters, colorful coral, fascinating sea life and great visibility. The cool sea breezes make outings even more fun.

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Besides diving, there is snorkeling, swimming; sailing or just soaking in the sun on beautiful white sandy beaches.

On land you can explore a rain forest, play year round golf and take a canyon adventure. Two thirds of the island has the French classification “Regional nature park.” This ensures that much of nature and the ecosystems are preserved.

Finding an Inexpensive Vacation in Martinique
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Martinique Island

Martinique Island

Sea Gardens
If you enjoy learning about ecosystems this is an aquatic park that presents the island’s main ecosystem. Learning the special gifts of an area enhances a vacation’s enjoyment.

Butterflies Garden
Located in Carbet on the grounds of Father Jean Baptiste du Tertre this is another great place to view an active ecosystem, and enjoy Mother Nature.

Mount Pelee
For anyone who enjoys volcanoes the infamous Mount Pelee is worth seeing. An eruption on May 8th 1902 killed the entire city of Saint-Pierre (the Economic center of Martinique) with its 28,000 inhabitants.

Mount Pelee is 4,500 feet and is a National Biological Reserve. On the mountain there are great views of both the Caribbean and the Atlantic on a clear day.

Fun History:
Martinique was the childhood home of Empress Josephine (lover of Napoleon).

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