Monaco Cheap Vacation Ideas

Monaco cheap vacation ideas aren’t easy to find! However, they are possible.

This is a country dripping with wealth. From the harbor with yachts that seem like miniature cruise liners to the Monaco Casio with a maximum limit on some of the gambling tables of 20,000 Euros ($30,000 at this writing).

The streets are clean and there is beautiful architecture everywhere you look nestled tightly against the hillsides that cradle the harbor.

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Monaco Harbor

Monte Carlo Boats

When traveling by train to Monaco on vacation one is taken back by the beauty and majesty of the area.

One finds the camera out of the bag taking Monaco Pictures more that it is in the bag. It is no wonder that the rich and famous love to come to this magical place.

One of the interesting things I found when traveling there was that the people didn’t seem as pretentious as one might think. They go about their business; many dressed quite well, some to the hilt.

Monaco Pictures Statue

Monte Carlo Statue

Prices at the sidewalk cafes are higher than normal (to be expected in a place like this), but not terribly unreasonable.

If you do take in lunch or a snack it may be prudent to ask for the prices first. It is no doubt that many places are extremely high cost.

The Monaco Casino is a place worth visiting. It was 10 Euros to go in when I was there but worth the cost just to see one of the most high class casinos in the world.

There are expensive autos parked next to it, the architecture is fantastic and the employees are extremely professional and dressed to the max.

Casino Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo Casino - Definitely Not Monaco Cheap!

It is amazing to see huge luxury yacht after luxury yacht lining the harbor. The size of many of these yachts is staggering and there can be no doubt that this is a place of immense wealth.

On one side of the harbor is a small amusement park. It was fascinating to see some of the prizes that were there. There were larger than normal stuffed animals, and one booth that touted James Bond 007.

There was one ring toss booth that was particularly interesting. Many of the prizes were cell phones! I’ll bet it wasn’t 50 cents for a ring toss in that booth!

Monaco  Amusement Park

Monte Carlo Amusement Park

You can easily spend a fortune in Monaco on your vacation. Or, you can Vacation in Monaco Cheap by walking around and take some of the great Monaco sites, sounds, culture and ambiance.

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