Mt Vesuvius

The Summit of Mt Vesuvius exploded with a terrifying explosion on August 24th of 79 AD and destroyed the thriving community of Pompeii Italy.

A black river of ash and lapilli covered Pompeii in 6-7 meters of earth.

The residents died horribly deaths.

I took a guided tour when we were there on a Mediterranean cruise. It was worth the money for the inside scoop on this amazing city.

I also recommend purchasing a guide book that describes the city and catastrophe in detail.

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Mt Vesuvius

Mount Vesuvius

Pompeii is a wonderful walk though ancient history preserved by the most unique of circumstances. From the beautiful artwork and structures to the haunting images this is an ancient city not to be missed.

Some of the most haunting images of Pompeii are the cast molds taken of some of the imprints of the people lost in the disaster. In 1861 impressions of 13 victims were found in an orchard covered in a layer of ashes.

They had remained in a house and had tried to escape but failed. They suffocated to death. Casts taken show the dramatic example of how death came to these people.

Pompeii Plaster Cast

Plaster Cast Mold of a Person Caught in the Disaster

The majority of Pompeii has been excavated and because of the unique nature of the burial many paintings, sculptures, buildings, artifacts and haunting images left intact (or at least partially intact) allowing us a peek into the lives and culture of this early culture.

The city of Pompeii Italy next to Mt Vesuvius had around 8,000 -10,000 inhabitants. About 60% of those people were free men and the remaining 40% were slaves. What is interesting is that majority of the slaves were well educated—many of them more educated than their masters!

Pompeii Apollo Bronze Statue

Statue of Apollo

A slave could buy his freedom with a large sum of money if it was allowed by his owner. He would then be known as a “freedman.”

Pompeii had temples, forum baths, fountains, bakeries and mills, lead piping a large Amphitheater and more. There are even places with the oldest profession that had women who would howl in the evenings!

When in Naples Italy on vacation, make sure to check out Pompeii. It is a worthwhile side trip.

Entrance to Pompeii

The Entrance to Pompeii

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