Online Hotel Booking

This page shows how to do online hotel booking for inexpensive vacations.

The tools with some of the online websites are powerful, easy and fun to play with!

The best way to show how the process works is to use an online travel company. I find to be very user friendly so we will use it for this demonstration.

Below are the simple steps for online booking for hotels.

1. First, go to

2. Click on hotels on the top menu bar. See picture below.

Online Hotel Booking

Online Hotel Booking-1st Screen

3. Fill in the drop down menus (on the left side of the page with your travel location and the dates you will be staying at the hotel.

Note: For this demonstration the destination is San Francisco in the United States. The dates of travel are 7/22/10 to 7/25/10. I did this example on 6/8/10 so it is about 1.5 months away from the trip.

4. Click on Search hotels button. See picture below.

Online Hotel Booking2

Online Hotel Booking-2nd Screen

5. You will be taken to the next page that has the hotels you will be researching. On the left side you have slide bars for the hotel price and the star ratings. You also have a choice in the drop down Travelocity Picks menu.

Note that there are 297 hotels to choose from starting at $46. In the next step we will narrow our search.

6. Move the Hotel Price slider bar to $176 (chosen to make sure we have enough good hotels to choose from)

7. Move the Star Rating to 3 -5 stars. Hotels need to be clean and safe (thus the 3-5 star rating).

8. Click on the Sort By menu and change from “Travelocity Picks” to “Price.”

9. Click Update. Notice in this example you now have 83 hotels to choose from that start at a price of $52 and a star rating of 3 minimum. You now have plenty of good hotels to choose from!

Online Hotel Booking3

Online Booking-3rd Screen

10. By changing the slide bars you can give yourself many options. You can even select areas with Swimming Pools, Courtesy Breakfasts and more.

11. Once you have a hotel selected that you like, click thru the various menus to book your stay.

Note: There are many other things you can work with (such as Top Secret Hotels) to find great deals using hotel booking online.

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