A Qufu China Vacation

A Qufu China Vacation is relaxing, educational and fun.

Qufu is a quiet little town with a rich and long history. It is the birthplace of Confucius and the world’s first university. It is colorful, alive and worth seeing on vacation.

Qufu is home to the Confucius Culture University. Its mission is to promote the study of Confucianism and influences on Chinese culture and society.

During a stay in Qufu (on a tour) we were instructed in Calligraphy and Chinese painting and visited the birthplace of Confucius. It was interesting, educational and fun!

Qufu China Parade

Qufu Parade
The people of Qufu and the outlying areas are kind, gentle and happy.

When I visited we were able to see people happily working and playing in a small village outside of Qufu called Liu Jia Chun. We planted a friendship tree with the villagers and visited a brick factory. See pictures and video below.

Qufu China Child

Child From Liu Jia Chun Village

Qufu China Brick Factory

Brick Factory - Liu Jia Chun Village

Qufu is a wonderful place to visit on vacation with many fun things to experience.

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