Finding Sea World Discounts

This section addresses ways of finding the best Sea World Discounts to get the most bang for your vacation buck.

Locations and Themes
There are three SeaWorld theme parks in the United States to choose from. This makes them relatively accessible from many parts southern part of the country. From west to east there are:

• SeaWorld San Diego
• SeaWorld Orlando
• SeaWorld San Antonio

Shamu (a killer whale) is clearly the centerpiece of the all SeaWorld experiences. There are also great shows with Dolphins, Sea Lions, otters and more.

Sea World Dolphin Encounter

Sea World Dolphin Encounter

These are great parks to give children exposure to these amazing sea animals.

It helps educate them and promotes a strong respect for sea wild life in general. Many adults are equally educated and entertained.

Depending on the park, there are other attractions such roller coasters, rapids, a skyride and more.

Finding Sea World Discounts
To find the best SeaWorld discounts first go to the SeaWorld Website and invest some time looking through the various options available. This will give you a good basis to compare the rest of your research on. Go to: Then go to the SeaWorld you plan on visiting.

Invest more time on the site exploring what you are interested in. There are one day passes as well as various extended passes. Annual passes are definitely worth considering if are going to stay more than a day.

For example, (as of this writing for San Diego SeaWorld on 11/09), if you purchase a 1 year pass you will receive a second year free, discounts on food, beverages, merchandise a other associated theme parks. This pass is currently less than 50% of the price of a single day pass. Definitely worth considering!

There are other ticket options (ex. Combo Passes, Fun Passes etc) that the different SeaWorld have. What you decide upon all has to do with which SeaWorld you will be visiting, how many days you will visit, where else you would like to go and so forth.

There are some interactive sites with the animals that can be a real thrill for children as well as adults. For example, the picture of the dolphin encounter below was taken at Florida’s Sea World.

Some of the interactive programs can be inexpensive, and some of the close up interactions can be very expensive (but sometimes worth it). A child who is able to interact closely with a dolphin, sea lion or a Beluga whale gets a real treat and a great education at the same time. Frequently these interactions are the highlight of a visit like this. Definitely this is worth considering.

Hotels, cars and other potential Sea World Discounts
Now that you know what things you want to see on your SeaWorld adventure there is still a hotel and car rental to consider if you are visiting the area. Below are some excellent places to find low price places to stay (you might even find good discounts on your SeaWorld tickets.)

• Go to and, and for rooms and packages.

• Travel agents may be able to get you a good bargain on flights and hotels. Be sure to ask about any discounts to the SeaWorld.

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