St Martin Island Vacation

Taking a St Martin Island vacation is unique because it is like vacationing on two islands in one! There is St Martin (French side) and Sint Maarten (Netherlands side).

St Martin is known for some of the best beaches and restaurants in the Caribbean. It is calm and relaxed. Sint Maarten is known for Holland’s anything goes philosophy.

Finding an inexpensive vacation on St Martin

• Research the best hotel and airline rates on line, or with a travel agent (or both).
o Check for a cheap Caribbean vacation package.
o Or, you may find it more desirable to book plane flights and hotel individually. See Book Travel Online.

Orient Beach St Marteen

Orient Beach - St Martin

St Martin
St Martin has a quiet eloquence. Beyond the beautiful beaches you will be able to explore French fashion and luxury items. There is also spicy West Indies cooking worth trying.

Sint Maarten (St Maarten)
This part of the island is more developed than St Martin. There are casinos and strip malls. It is 100% duty free, which makes it great place for shoppers.

Here are a couple more adventures to consider on a visit to St Maarten:

Island Tour, Butterfly Farm and Orient Beach - St Maarten
After a trip through the island, you will arrive at the St Maaten butterfly farm. This tropical garden has hundreds of the worlds most rare and exotic butterflies. They grace the skies around you.

You will learn all about the life phases of these amazing insects and the incredible magic of metamorphosis. There are pools, waterfalls and more in this enclosed garden.

Afterward, you will head to Orient Beach where you can swim and sunbathe with great panoramic views.

America’s Cup Yacht Racing
This is a unique opportunity to race multi-million dollar America’s Cup Race Boats in the beautiful brisk Caribbean winds at a reasonable cost. For sports enthusiasts this is a unique experience worth trying! It is located on St Maarten.

Visiting St Martin and Sing Maarten can satisfy two appetites. The first is the need for the beauty and serenity of a Caribbean Island. The second is the need for the excitement and joy of casinos and shopping. Not bad!

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