St Petersburg Russia Vacation

A City of St Petersburg Russia Vacation is fun, educational and engaging.

The city of St Petersburg is rich with history, culture, and was the capital of Russia for more than two hundred years.

It was founded by Peter the Great in 1703.

There are amazing pictures, sculptures, and other artwork that seem to go on forever.

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Here is a sampling of what the City of St Petersburg Russia has to offer on your vacation.

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Spa Na Krovi Cathedral
I found this Cathedral to be especially interesting not only in its beauty, but it looked somewhat similar to St Basils located in Red Square in Moscow.

Spas Na Krovi Cathedral

Spas Na Krovi Cathedral

The Hermitage (Winter Palace)
The Hermitage is one of the oldest art and culture museums in the world. It was founded by Catherine the Great in 1764.

Hermitage Winter Palace

Hermitage Winter Palace

There are over nearly 3 million artifacts including the largest collection of paintings in the world. The Winter Palace is one of the buildings there.

Hermitage Museum St Petersburg

Hermitage Museum

The Winter Palace was the official residence of the Russian Czars from 1732 to 1917. I found the museum incredibly fascinating and wonderful to explore. This is a five goose bump experience for anyone who enjoys museums!

The Summer Palace, Peterhof
This was the imperial palace of Peter the Great (arguably one of Russia’s greatest leaders). The grounds and the inside of the palace are stunningly beautiful. I found the Grand Cascade Fountain especially amazing, but we were there in October and the fountains were not running since winter was coming on. I could only imagine the beauty in summer time.

Summer Palace St Petersburg

Summer Palace

Catherine’s Palace
Peter the Great gave Catherine’s Palace to his wife Catherine in 1710. It was the imperial family’s summer residence until the end of the czars in 1917. The palace is huge and is ornate, stunning and beautiful.

Catherines Palace

Catherine's Palace

The Tomb of Peter the Great
Peter the Great was one of Russia’s finest leaders. He led from 1682 until his death in 1725 (42 years).

Under his strong leadership he brought modernization and expansion to Russia. I found him to be an amazing human being.

Tomb of Peter the Great

Tomb of Peter the Great

Peter the great was 6’ 8” tall (a giant man in more ways than one)! Below is a wax likeness of him.

Wax Statue of Peter the Great

Wax likeness of Peter the Great

St Petersburg Russia one of my favorite cites to visit on vacation because of the incredible museums rich in history and culture.

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