Tents for Camping

There is a wide array of tents for camping for your inexpensive vacation.

To select the right tent for your needs you need to consider many factors such as:

• Number of people using the tent

• Ease of assembly and tear down

• Packing size and weight

• Design and space

• Environment

• Quality

• Cost

Camping in the wilderness

Camping in the Wilderness is Fun!

Number of people - How many people will be using your tent? This will help determine the size. A family of four will need a tent much larger than if there are only two people—or if you only need a one person tent.

If you are considering using your tent for different numbers of people, you may want to buy a tent to meet your immediate needs now, and a second one later.

Design & Space - The design of some tents for camping is much more efficient in providing more space than others. This can be important for sleeping, and for things you may keep in the tent.

Depending on whether you will just be sleeping in the tent, or you will have some (or all of) your other camping equipment in the tent will help you determine the size.

Quality Manufacturer - Quality of the tents for camping is always important. Buying from a well respected manufacturer will help ensure you get a good product. You may save a few bucks with an off name manufacturer, but if the quality is questionable, you may end up spending more for repairs later or a new tent sooner than you would like.

Having said that there are always small names that are fighting with the big boys for market share. Some have superior products.

Cost - Spend according to how much you plan on using the tent. The more you will be using it, the higher your budget should be. For example, if you are only planning on using the tent a few times, don’t break the bank.

There are enough good quality tents that you should be able to find a relatively low cost tent that meets your needs.

Packing Size and Weight - If you are back packing size and weight of your tent is very important. If you will only be driving to camping sites then the size and weight may not be important to you.

Environment - A tent that is needed for both summer and winter (and spring and fall) will need more insulation than one that is only used for summer time. A tent that is used in extreme cold will need to be extra insulated.

Ease of Assembly and Tear down - Some tents are extremely easy to assemble and tear down. Others take more time. Personally I like things that are as simple as possible, so I can maximize my fun time.

Look for high Ratings and Read Reviews - Once you have narrowed the list of tents for camping to consider, check out the ratings and read the reviews of the various tents you are considering. This should help you narrow your search further.

Final thoughts on tents for camping

Buying online or a Store? - Before purchasing, you may want to see the tent at a store before buying. We are in a high tech high touch society.

Knowing what you are buying before you buy is usually a good thing. Once you have found what you want for your vacation, consider purchasing it online if you find a better price/service.

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